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The $22,468 Call

I got a strange phone call and it ended up with me receiving a check for $22,468 delivered by Fedex.

Strange, but true.

I was sitting in my home office early one morning just a few months after I started my “Internet marketing business” trying to figure out how this “Internet marketing thing” worked (or should I get a haircut?) and the phone rang.

David Vallieres, Nerd

David Vallieres, Mad IM Scientist

I answered and said, “hello?”

The woman at the other end said, “Is this David Blah Blah?”

I said, “Yes.”

Now, I wasn’t expecting anyone to call, was slightly hesitant to answer “yes” because of all the telemarketing calls we had been receiving. It was still early and hadn’t had my second cup of coffee yet so I wasn’t thinking clearly.

I had quit my 9-5 to start this Internet business which I named “InfoProductLab”, so I could spend more time with my family and make more money – you know, “freedom”.

But it gets a little lonely working for yourself, and I guess I was desperate for some human interaction so I asked her,

“What can I do for you?”

She said, “This is Mary calling from … ClickBank.”

ClickBank? Huh. That’s interesting, I said to myself.

She continued, “I’m calling just to let you know we had a problem getting checks out today and your check will be late – a day or two at the most.”

I laughed slightly at the idea they actually called me. I’m nobody. Nothing to them. A total newbie.

I said, “Uh, ok. No problem. Thanks for calling.”

My check?
“Hey wait… I’m getting a check?

See the joke is that I didn’t think I was getting a check at all. How was that even possible? I tried a hundred different ways to sell stuff online and none of them seemed to work.

But something was working… ’cause I’m getting a check now!


I’ll finish this story in a few minutes…

… but this exchange got me thinking. I had just started promoting ClickBank products and I really wanted to make it work.

But now I was sure it would work. Why?

Well, if ClickBank was calling me then I knew they were seriously trying to live up to their name, “Click Bank.” Note the emphasis on “Bank”.

The mere fact that they called me meant a great deal. I got the message loud and clear: “Don’t worry. Your money is safe with us. You make a commission or make a sale, you’ll get paid. We guarantee it.”

It was all I could think about. Payment guaranteed. Like money in the bank. Ha!

So for several months all I could think about was trying to make money selling ClickBank products.

That check they called about? It was my very first ClickBank commission check for a grand total of… wait for it…


I mean, they called me because my check was going to be a day late? If they were serious about that small amount then I knew they would be both serious and dependable for larger amounts.

Like most people I really wanted to make money online. I was a little desperate to make money actually. I had gotten into a bit of debt while starting my business (about $60k worth of debt) and needed some cash fast.

People see other people making money online so they think they can do it too. Those were my thoughts too.

Why was it so hard for me, and seemingly so easy for everyone else?

Is this Internet marketing thing for real or am I fooling myself?

I guess I was fooling myself – I was thinking it was going to be ‘easy’.

I found out that something else was required: Work.

I thought everyone who made money didn’t really have to do anything… the money just started rolling as soon as you started! lol

But that is not true.

Everyone who makes really good money online works for it. Duh!

I needed the money and I wasn’t afraid to work so I gave it another shot.

For 6 months I worked 12-14 hours a day. I gained 30lbs from the stress of debt and no money and figured I was done for.

But I kept thinking about making it work, making some real money – in fact it was ALL I could think about – and I worked my butt off.

Then I discovered something that changed my life.

I had been creating a “list” of people who visited my website who were also interested in making some extra money online – just like all the “gurus” said to do.

Of course, I never believed “gurus” – they were just in it for the money. But I decided to give this one thing (building a list) a try because it made sense to me.

Anyway, one day I bought a product that was really good and it taught me some interesting stuff I didn’t know about making money online. The idea crossed my mind that I found a perfect product to sell to my “list”. Luckily the guy I bought the info from had an affiliate program and was selling it through ClickBank.


So I wrote an email to send to my list. I told them I bought the info and it had some really interesting ideas in it for making money and they should take a look at it (exactly the truth of what I thought about the product).

I sent it. I made sales. I made a lot of sales.

A few weeks later I got another check from ClickBank via Fedex.

This one was a little bigger than my first one:

The $22,468 check

The $22,468 check

I freaked out for a few minutes and then cried, “It works!”

That’s why I call that phone call I got from ClickBank “the $22,468 call”.

I don’t think I would have ever had the confidence to do everything I did unless I knew I was positive that all my hard work would pay off.

And it did! Got it?

The name of the product I promoted was called the Multiplier Method by Brent Hall. It was a really good product, unfortunately he took it off the market after 3 or 4 weeks. I guess to protect himself from copy-catters.

But there are many lesson I learned from that 6 month experience. In fact those lessons helped me make over $2 million online in the next few years.

BTW- That’s why I call this site, 6-In-6, because it took me 6 months to start making a 6 figure income online.

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