Adolescent Acne



First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

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There are no cures offered

The biological medicines, nutritional diets, vitamins, juices, herbs etc., and all other information given in this fact sheet are not cures for disease and are not offered as such, they are only given for you to use supportively to help the body’s to use its own inherent healing forces and so to assist in the natural healing activity of the body. I must stress here that it is a fact that no food, no herb nor vitamin or drug can ever cure disease, the only thing that can cure disease is the body using its own healing and health restoring functions. The aim of this is to help you help your own body to use its healing functions such as eliminating the causes of disease and in that case allowing you to create the optimum condition that allows the healing forces of the body to bring about its own healing and eventual cure.

Home Remedy for Acne…

What is happening inside the body, is often reflected by problems with skin. It is believed that acne is formed by hormonal problems in adolescents that produce too much oily substances on the skin. This substance is known as sebum. Acne is one of the results caused by this sebum.

A very good fruit that helps fight against acne is the Avocado, the reason is it is rich in Vitamins A, C, B Complex and E, all of which have been proven to be an essential for good skin. Not only has it the vitamin factor, but avocados have anti-fungal and strong anit-bacterial properties, which make them a good combatant for irritating skin conditions including acne.

The best way to utilise the avocado is to make the pulp into a paste and apply it to the affected areas of the skin. The paste will soothe and moisturise any dry skin rashes.

Another great aid for acne or other skin complaints such as psoriasis, believe it or not is the lowly horseradish, horseradish is rich in sulphur and when infused in hot milk for about thirty to forty minutes, then strained will make a great face wash.

Important Dietary Facts

Stress must be made on raw foods such as fish, fruit, vegetables, (only fresh) and sprouted seeds such as alfalfa seeds and whole grain cereals such as brown rice and millet (these can be obtained from your local health store), the only exception for fresh fruit and vegetables is if your favourites are not in season, but then only once in 2 weeks. You must make use of the fruit and vegetables that are obtainable in the stores.

Foods to avoid
  • Chocolate and all other sorts of sweets and candies
  • Excess fats, especially animal fats
  • Milk and all other animal proteins

In fact all processed and refined foods must be eliminated from the diet. Anything made with white flour and sugar such as soft drinks and ice cream.

Beneficial Treatments
  • Detoxify yourself for one week with a juice fast (juice fast)
  • Use only mild soaps or no soap at all, only clean water to wash your face morning and evening.
  • During the day expose your face to the sun and fresh air as much as possible, taking into account the dangers of over-exposure to the sun.
  • Never wash your hair in shampoo, only use a mild soap, it works just as good and it doesn’t have any of the toxicity of shampoo.
  • If you are suffering from constipation this will be taken care of during the juice fast (juice fast)
  • Rest, relaxation and sleep are highly important during your treatment.
  • The same as with shampoo, you should try to avoid cosmetics, lotions and creams bought commercially. It is a well known fact that some of these are the cause of Acne Cosmetica.
  • Ask your doctor to prescribe Vitamin A acid or if you can purchase Retin A from your local pharmacist, do so.
  • Peace of mind is essential for acne sufferers as STRESS can be the cause in some acne cases.

When the juice fast is over, the juices to be taken on a daily basis to be imbibed with your meals as shown in the diet sheets (juice fast)


Use the following herbs as much as possible when making your meals:

  • Burdock
  • Chaparral
  • Dandelion,
  • Golden Seal
  • Red Clover
Special Comments
  1. Another Vitamin A (topically this time) has had good reports and that is Vitamin A acid (0.1% concentration). This available only by prescription and is marketed under the name Retin A
  2. Lemon juice has a beneficial effect when massaged onto the affected area
  3. Niacin and Vitamin A have been used successfully when treating acne. 100 mg of Niacin should be taken three times a day and Vitamin A should be taken in large doses (strictly under doctor’s supervision) of up to 150,000 units per day. This treatment with the 2 vitamins should not last more than one month
  4. Oestrogen containing lotion (acquired by prescription) has had reported successes. This treatment should be carried out for many months

Masks made from the following have shown to be effective in the treatment.

  • Black and sulphur molasses mixed together
  • Cucumber grated and creamed
  • Creamed carrots left to cool
  • Oatmeal cooked in milk and left to cool

The masks should be left on for at least half an hour and then rinsed off with cold clean water.

Daily Supplements (Recommended)
Vitamin A  

Under doctor’s supervision take 50,000 iu


Vitamin B15  

100 mg (50 mg twice daily)


Vitamin C  

3,000 mg daily


Brewer’s Yeast  

3 tablespoons



Either in tea form or fresh in salads



1 tablespoon


Natural Multi Vitamins  

Take as prescribed by the manufacturer.