Best Way To Use The Book



First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated © Dennis Rocke 2022


For your convenience and so that you know how to make the best of this manuscript, please read all of this page

To begin with read the book completely from front to back. Once you have read it and have an overview in your mind of what it contains, you can use it as a reference book and click on the CONTENTS link at the top of every page. This will take you to the page where every page is linked (the links are blue in colour).

Whilst you’re reading it when you click on any of the links to whereever you wish to go within the book and you want to go into another page, simply click on the Contents Link that is at the top of every page and it will bring you back to CONTENTS from where you can get to any part of the book you require.

If you are a Medical Practitioner scroll down the links on the CONTENTS page and you can turn immediately to the disease or item of interest you are concerned with.

For instance if you want to know how to treat Diverticulosis just click on the link and you will be taken to that page.

If a disease is not covered in this book and information is required about it, please e-mail the author at and every effort will be made to give assistance. By purchasing this book, you are entitled to have free updates every time there are any produced. You will be contacted by email, so if you change your email, please contact me with your new one at my address shown in this paragraph.

The book consists of eight parts and each part is individual in that it covers a different aspect to health.

PART 1 is about ailments and diseases and explains what they are and how we can help treat ourselves under a doctors’ supervision.

PART 2 is about ‘vitamins and what they do’

PART 3 is about ‘minerals and what they do’

PART 4 delves into heart disease and how to keep it at bay

PART 5 pertains to cancer and explains the different types and causes. Included are suggestions of ways to protect the body by avoiding carcinogens and taking certain supplements. This does not mean that a claim for a cancer cure is inside this book. What it does mean is that with the proper care it is possible to avoid some types of the disease

PART 6 is about beauty and appearance. It covers different methods of keeping the skin healthy.

PART 7 is all about fitness and relaxation and why it is beneficial to good health.

PART 8 the concluding part contains the health diet and some recipes for health giving foods.

PART 9  is given to the different recipes that I have suggested in the manuscript

PART 10 is all about how to protect yourself against the poisons and damaging toxins that are polluting the environments all over the world.

PART 11 is a dictionary of unfamiliar words, so if you come across a word that baffles you, before looking it up in your dictionary or on the Internet, just click on the CONTENTS link at the top of every page and scroll down to the link PART 11 and click on it.

PART 12 is a list of the way foods react. Some foods are acid forming in the body, others are either alkali forming or neutral. I have only taken a few here just to show the differences.

Obviously not all the book will concern every reader all of the time. It would however be beneficial for the reader to at least read through it completely once before concentrating on a particular part. Knowing how to keep healthy is one of the main contributory factors in being healthy. If readers browse through this book taking in vital information it will help them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In turn giving them optimum health.

This book once read is meant to be used indiscriminately for reference. This being the case if a reader is suffering from Acne then he will benefit from turning immediately to the page concerning the complaint. Each ailment and its starting page number is itemised on the contents page.

If the reader is not interested in the beauty therapies then that part of the book can be skipped. It is not however advisable to skip any part really as the parts in fact are interrelated. The whole book relates to complete health and fitness for the discerning individual.