Causes Of Disease



First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated © Dennis Rocke 2022

Causes of Disease

Biological medicine proposes that most diseases have the same underlying cause. Disorders of Biochemical and Metabolic are systematically deranged by prolonged stresses both physical and mental suffered by the patient. These could be caused by the patient having unhealthy nutritional patterns, such as, constant over-eating or over indulging in proteins that the body can’t digest properly. The patient could also have nutritional deficiencies and sluggish metabolism which consequently causes toxic wastes to be retained by the body.

Polluted foods, air and water cause exogenous poisons. Then of course we have the toxic drugs such as tobacco and alcohol. Another cause is lack of exercise, insufficient rest and relaxation, stresses of both a mental and physical nature etc.,

The above are all health destroying factors of our environment that can bring about the derangement of our bodily functions and consequently cause an imbalance biochemically within the tissues, in turn causing chronic undersupply of oxygen to the cells, ineffective assimilation of nutrients and poor digestion leading to a gradual decline in resistance to disease. Therefore it is not the bacteria but the weakened organism that has a lowered resistance that is the real cause of disease. In fact instead of bacteria being the cause of disease it is more often than not the result of it.

There is only one effective way to treat or cure disease and that is to eliminate the cause. it is imperative that all the underlying causes to disease listed above should be corrected and eliminated in order for perfect health to be restored. With the proper assistance, support and optimal nutrition, along with some special dietary factors, vitamins and supplements, juices, herbs, a good cleansing program and some other harmless therapies the underlying causes of ill health and the symptoms will disappear.

Health will be completely restored, not because of a miraculous cure, but because the reason for their existence will have been eradicated.