First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated Dennis Rocke © 2022


Therapeutic Showers

Hot and Cold Shower

Much importance has been given to this system of showering and I feel that everyone is correct with this assumption. The idea is to alternate hot and cold showers. This in effect stimulates all of the bodily functions and in particular the reactive function or the endocrine glands. It is also an excellent means of improving circulation and re-vitalising the skin. The idea and how to carry it out is quite simple. Firstly take a warm shower for about 5 minutes, this will warm up the body. Immediately switch to cold water – as cold as it can be changed to for about 15 seconds. Then switch back to war for another 3 minutes. Change the temperature in this manner 3 times always finishing on with the cold shower. To warm your body up after the shower make sure you have a course bath towel that you can vigorously use to dry yourself with. After the bath give yourself a dry massage (see below)

Dry Massage

This treatment must be worth millions in benefits where better health is concerned. First find yourself a brush, make sure it is made from natural bristles (Boots the chemist do these in their larger stores in the UK or in any good drug store in the USA). Make sure it fits nicely into your hand so that as you use it there isn’t a chance that your hand will start to ache. I find that one with the brush part about the size of my hand is just right. Try to find one with quite a long handle so that you can reach over your shoulder and get to all the parts of your back with it. If you can’t find a natural hair brush and you can’t wait to start the treatment then of course you should buy a regular back brush that has a long handle. Avoid nylon or any other harsh brush. You don’t want the brush to be so sharp that it will damage your skin. To start with you should try to find a medium soft brush so that you can brush your skin softly until your skin becomes used to you brushing it thoroughly. When this happens you can start using courser brushes.

How To Do It

I really love this, I always pamper my wife by doing it and then she reciprocates. This is one of the most beautiful health giving treatments known to me.

Let’s begin. You start with the soles of the feet brushing vigorously in rotary motions, working up the legs then the hands and arms, the back, abdomen, chest and neck so that the whole body gets brushed. Press the brush against the body as much as is comfortable. Remember the skin is highly sensitive and each persons body varies in sensitivity from the next person. Some people can stand more than others, you can only find out how much a person can stand by trial and error. Also some parts of the body can stand harder brushing than other parts. The most sensitive parts for all are the face, the chest or bust, the abdomen and the inner part of the thighs I find are the most sensitive and care should be taken when brushing them.

So to re-iterate, start at the feet, then the legs, then hands and arms, the back, abdomen, chest and neck.

Keep brushing until the skin turns to a lovely warm rosy colour. I find this happens over a period of about 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes the need is for more so carry on until the recipient is satisfied, being careful not to brush the skin off. Always do this in moderation, you don’t want the first time to be the last.

If you have time it is nice to do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Even though you will probably have showered just before the massage, it is still better to take another one straight after the dry brush massage rubbing the body down with a sponge or flannel (face cloth). This will wash away the dead skin that the brushing has removed from the body. You will find that a dry brush massage will exfoliate to such an extent that there will be copious amounts of dead layers that will be seen sitting on the body.

You could if you wish incorporate the hot and cold shower with the dry massage. The way to do this would be to take a warm shower then the cold one. Get out of the shower, dry yourself and then do the dry massage. After which you get back in the shower and finish off your hot and cold showers.

Another way is do the dry massage first and then get in the shower and do the full hot and cold shower treatment. It is entirely up to you how you implement the procedures.

The Reason That Dry Brush Massage Is So Beneficial

Premature ageing and degenerative diseases are caused by the cell metabolism slowing down and so causing the cell regeneration to do the same. All this is caused by an accumulation of waste products in the body tissues interfering with the oxygenation and nourishment of the cells. In ideal circumstances our bodies have the ability to cleanse themselves without any reason for conscious effort on our part. There is an ingenious self cleansing system within our body that self protects, self heals and self cleans. These automatic systems are carried out by a large group of organs and glands that have been designed as transportation systems, organs and glands such as our alimentary canal, kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, lungs, mucous membranes and the skin, the largest of these as you can see is the skin.

The estimation as to how much of the body’s impurities are excreted by the skin is around one third. Considering all the other means of excretion, that is quite something. The skin has been referred to by some doctors as the third kidney and rightly so. There are hundreds and thousands of regulators of body temperature on the skin called sweat glands, they not only act as regulators but also as tiny little kidneys detoxifying and cleansing the blood, freeing the system from waste products that would otherwise become health-threatening poisons.

Under a microscope and doing a chemical examination of sweat, it is found to be almost the same consistency as urine. There are large amounts of uric acid found in sweat, this acid is the main metabolic waste product and normal component of urine.

So as you can see your skin is a vital organ and has a huge job to do where cleansing the body is concerned. The tragedy nowadays is that our skin seems to be neglected and is the most mistreated of our organs. I have made a list of the most beneficial reasons for doing a dry massage below:

  • Firstly it will improve your health and as stated above prevent premature ageing and degenerative diseases.
  • Your complexion will be rejuvenated and make you look younger
  • There will be better muscle tone and by brushing you will redistribute fat cells
  • You will feel better all over
  • Colds will be prevented, I say this on the basis that doing dry massage in combination with hot and cold showers, the blood circulation improves helps to rejuvenate all the underlying organs and capillaries of the skin
  • It removes dead layers of skin from the body, so allowing other impurities to be excreted by the sweat glands.
  • The eliminative functions of the skin are improved to such an extent that the body is able to remove toxins from the body through it
  • The oil producing glands are stimulated
  • The nerve endings in the skin are stimulated and in doing so stimulates the whole nervous system.

The brush should be thoroughly cleaned at least every 2 weeks. Use soap and water and then find a dry place to put it so that it can dry naturally. If it is sunny then in the sunshine will be a good place. Remember you are brushing your body of all impurities and where do you think these impurities will end up. You said it, on the brush. So wash it regularly!

It goes without saying, every member of the family should use different brushes for obvious hygienic reasons.

If you have any damage on your skin or if there are irritated parts such as eczema or psoriasis for instance, do not brush over that part of the body.

I never brush my wife’s or my own face as the skin is much too sensitive. I advise you to do the same.

Don’t forget to brush the scalp as this will increase the blood circulation and remove any dandruff, oils or other impurities.

If you and your partner are going to brush each other, then I advise you buy brushes with short handles as they will be easier to manipulate.

If you have dry skin which is showing signs of premature ageing, a great way to improve it is to massage a nourishing oil onto your body immediately after the brushing. I recommend the following oils, you can use any them:

  • Almond oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Sesame oil

Better still my EXEMOL (Oil Formula) is the best you can possibly use. If you are suffering from eczema or psoriasis or in fact premature ageing or any skin complaint, my (Oil Formula) EXEMOL is an absolute must.

Health Giving Bath

This can be taken in the same way as hot and cold showers, just a hot bath or taken cold. The benefits from a hot health giving bath is in the pain relief it gives when the patient is suffering from inflammation of the organs around the pelvic region such as the reproductive. When taking a hot health giving bath, the water should be as hot as the body can stand and the patient should soak for about 10 minutes or more.

The cold health giving bath on the other hand should have an invigorating and stimulating effect on the same organs around the pelvic area and also the spine. This has a rejuvenating effect because of the way the cold water stimulates the vital parts by increasing the blood circulation, because of this effect it has been called the youth bath. The temperature of the water should be between 50 and 60 degrees F, the patient should soak for about 3 minutes. Dry yourself with a course bath towel.

If you decide to take the hot and cold baths then you will need two tubs, this is not always possible, but maybe it will be possible to purchase an old fashioned style tin bath. Anyway if you have two baths, one should contain the hot water and the other the cold. The temperature of the hot water should be around the 100 degrees F and the cold between 50 and 60 as before. Sit in the hot bath first for a period of 5 minutes and then switch to the cold for only 10 seconds, repeat this action twice.

Salt Water Bath

Taking into account the world waters, the most beneficial health wise is salt sea water. It has the most curative effect and is rich in all the minerals that are beneficial for the body. The minerals are absorbed by the skin whilst bathing in the sea, also the mineral rich air is beneficial if you stand at the sea shore breathing deeply.

The thing is we are not all that fortunate to live near the sea shore, so here is the way to take a do-it-yourself ocean bath to enjoy in your own bathroom. You will need to by about 4 pounds of sea salt (found in most good health stores) and dissolve it in a half filled bath of cool water. Sit in the water and rub the water all over yourself vigorously. Do this for a couple of minutes or more and then dry yourself with a warm but course towel.


This is a great way to use herbs to treat patients. I have found two ways to use them.

  • For the first way you will only need the leaves, a cloth and a towel or blanket:

Taking large fresh leaves from such plants as cabbage, nettles, raspberries and comfrey etc., place them directly on the affected area such as, abdomen, kidneys, joints etc., in layers using several leaves of the same variety, if you decide to use one cabbage leaf, then the whole poultice must be made from cabbage leaves. Place the leaves one on top of the other and then cover them with a cloth to hold them in place. Finally wrap it all body and all with a large blanket or towel. This poultice will draw out the disease and so soothe the pain.

  • For the second way you will need a plastic sheet, a towel and most important of all you will need to have an electric heating pad (heating pads can be purchased at any good pharmacy, such as Boots in the UK):

Select the type of leaves you are going to use i.e. raspberry leaves and crush them. Place them in a pot with either a little water or castor oil and heat them on the stove. When the leaves are very warm (as warm as can be tolerated), spread them onto the affected area and cover them with a cloth. Put the plastic sheet over the cloth, then the towel and then lastly the electric heating pad. This should be left on the patient for between half an hour and an hour. It is the herbs’ medicinal properties in combination with the heat that brings about a powerful healing effect. This poultice is very beneficial to sufferers of arthritic or rheumatic conditions. If you can’t get hold of fresh herbs for any reason, then dried ones will do for this poultice.

A very effective poultice used on patients with arthritic pain of the joints is with cayenne (red pepper powder) and other herbs. This is the ultimate herb poultice and is extremely beneficial for a lot of complaints.