Dukan diet: what it is and how it works

If you’ve ever followed a weight loss diet , you’ve probably heard of the Dukan diet too . This dietary scheme was formulated by the former French doctor Pierre Dukan , and has long been at the center of a heated debate between those who support its efficacy and those who, instead, highlight its possible harmful effects. for health.

But what exactly is the Dukan diet? And why does it arouse such conflicting reactions?

The diet formulated by Dukan aims to achieve the desired body weight, through the intake of a certain group of foods, which are enclosed in a special list.

Dukan diet: the list of 100 foods

What can I eat on the Dukan diet in 7 days ? The first seven days of the Dukan diet are essentially those that encompass the so-called “Attack Phase”, which we will see shortly. For the moment, it is enough to know that during the 4 phases of the diet it will be possible to consume a total of 100 different types of food, of which 72 of animal origin, and 28 of vegetable origin.

Pierre Dukan ‘s list of permitted foods includes:

  • Lean meats (preferably beef, horse, veal, deer, bison)
  • Lean fish
  • Egg
  • Tofu, konjac and tempeh
  • Seafood
  • Skinless poultry
  • Low-fat dairy products, yogurt and cottage cheese, cottage cheese and spreadable cheese
  • oat bran
  • Vegetables: spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, green beans, turnips, artichokes and so on.

The 4-step Dukan diet scheme

The Dukan diet is divided into four distinct phases, each of which involves the consumption of certain types of food and a specific duration.

We will therefore distinguish the so-called attack phase of the Dukan diet , followed by the cruise phase, the consolidation phase and, finally, the last phase, the stabilization phase , which should be followed throughout life.

Let’s take a closer look at what are the rules to follow during each of the four phases.

Dukan diet: attack phase

The first phase of the Dukan diet lasts about 7 days (to be exact it ranges from 3 to 7 days, based on the number of kilos to lose), and aims to accustom the metabolism to the new diet.

At this stage, the foods allowed are 72 (you can find them listed on the official website or in the Dukan Diet book), and these are mostly high- protein and low-calorie foods .

At this stage, it is very important to stay hydrated, and to drink at least one and a half liters of water a day.

How much is lost on the Dukan diet in the attack phase?

In the attack phase, weight loss should be around 2 to 3 kilos over a period of about 7 days . After the first week, we will move on to the second phase of the diet, the “cruise” one.

Cruise phase

This second phase can last several months, and is the one that should allow you to reach the desired weight . In this phase, you will be able to consume the foods provided in the first step of the diet, but also adding some types of vegetables and, an inevitable food, oat bran (3 tablespoons per day).

In this phase, a weight loss of over one kilo per week is expected.

Consolidation phase

The consolidation phase of the Dukan diet begins when the person has lost the pounds and has achieved their goal.

The duration is 5 days for each pound lost. It is a phase specially formulated to avoid regaining the lost kilos. This time, it will be possible to add new foods, such as bread , pasta, cheese and fruit, or even desserts and a glass of wine , to be consumed only twice a week.

Stabilization phase

The last phase of the diet will be the stabilization phase, during which you can eat whatever you want, as long as you consume only protein foods twice a week , in addition to the inevitable oat bran.

In this phase, physical activity is encouraged (at least 30 minutes of walking per day).

The Dukan diet for breakfast: an example of a menu

As you may have noticed, according to the different phases of the diet it is possible to consume some types of food and others should be avoided. We therefore wanted to collect some ideas for Dukan-style breakfast in the respective 4 phases. Let’s see what to eat during the attack phase, the cruise, in the consolidation phase and in the stabilization phase.

Breakfast in the attack phase

You could choose one of the following options for breakfast:

  1. A low-fat yogurt with 1 1/2 teaspoons of oat bran
  2. 200 g of low-fat cheese with a slice of turkey (or chicken, or lean ham)
  3. A soft-boiled egg
  4. A pudding made with skim milk.

Tea and coffee with sweetener are allowed. Yogurt or milk to make pudding can also be vegetable, such as soy.

Dukan breakfast while cruising

  1. Yogurt or cheese with one and a half teaspoons of oat bran (with which you could also make fresh bread, pancakes or crepes)
  2. Turkey
  3. Skimmed pudding
  4. One whole egg and two egg whites, also in the form of an omelette.

Consolidation phase breakfast

  1. A slice of wholemeal bread with low-fat cheese and a low-fat yogurt
  2. Eggs and sliced
  3. Skimmed milk with tea or coffee with sweetener

Dukan breakfast: stabilization phase

In this phase you will have greater freedom in choosing the menu, as long as you do not overdo it with sugars and fats, always include proteins, and always take two tablespoons of bran in the morning.

How Do I Do The Dukan Diet?

If you are considering the possibility of following the Dukan diet , consult your doctor before doing so, in order to evaluate the relationship between the possible risks and benefits of this type of diet. As we will see, in fact, this type of diet can have important consequences for health.

Does the Dukan diet work?

Let’s see at this point what are the opinions on the Dukan diet . Does this diet work ? How much weight do you lose on the 7-day Dukan diet? And above all, is it a safe model for health?

Going in order, yes, at first the Dukan diet can actually promote weight loss. Unfortunately, however, these are mostly liquids. The severe limitation of foods such as fruit and vegetables also leads to a lower water intake, and this can cause dehydration .

As for the question that many people ask themselves, namely how many kilos can be lost in 7 days, in the first phase of attack (which goes from 3 to 7 days) a loss of 1-5 kilos is expected. only one week. However, cases of people regaining the lost pounds after stopping the diet and starting to eat normally are not uncommon.

Is it a healthy diet pattern?

As you may have noticed, the food pattern provided for this kind of diet is far from the idea of ​​healthy eating promoted by doctors and dieticians all over the world. The Dukan diet is in fact considered unbalanced (it provides a massive intake of proteins at the expense of other nutrients, such as carbohydrates and fiber). In addition, the severe limitation in the consumption of fruit and vegetables can also cause a lack of vitamins and minerals .

In short, if it is true that at first you may be happy for the obvious weight loss you will experience, in many probability this benefit will be nullified by the rapid recovery of the lost pounds and by the onset of possible problems generated by such a limiting diet. .

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