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First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated © Dennis Rocke 2022

A Layman’s Guide to Good Health and Food Values or: A Doctors’ Assistant.

The foods available to us provide sufficient energy and vitamins for good health, correct growth and maintenance of the bodily function. Unfortunately the vast majority have no idea of the energy value of the food they see on the table, nor do they have any but the most rudimentary notion of the composition of even the most frequently seen constituents of our daily diet.

It is profoundly necessary for the situation to be changed because until families learn the essential data about our everyday foods, we shall not be able to select wisely and properly the constituents of our meals.

Mr Dennis Rocke has produced, in an attractive and readable form, a veritable mine of information about the foods commonly available in Great Britain.
I have no hesitation in saying that, if a careful effort is made to understand this book, a great deal of benefit will result.

The simple story of those conditions that are commonly met with can also be a good source of information providing the layman knows what are the diseases likely to afflict him and his family.

I commend this book to the public and congratulate Mr Rocke on the brevity and clarity of the text.

Dr J.M. Mungavin

M.A., M.B., BCh (Cantab.)


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