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Hack Number 10 Email Marketing Mistakes

Email Marketing Mistakes
That are Made

These are a series of Hacks on how to get more…
Emails opened and get more clicks.
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(Written By – John Thornhill)

Email open rates have plunged, click through rates are down, marketers with huge lists are wondering why no one seems to buy anything via their affiliate links anymore, no one wants to promote anything, it’s all doom and gloom.

Or is it?

Ther’s a chance you may have noticed a drop in sesponse from your emails, but ask yourself this, how many marketers lists have you un-subscribed from or how many marketers emails do you simply ignore as you check your emails on a daily basis? I know I have started to ignore many emails that come into my in-box from a customer point of view!

Now ask yourself this, how many marketers who you have either un-subscribed from or who’s email you ignore send you promos without giving you any real value?

Is there a pattern? I bet there is!

The reason email open rates have plunged is because people are sick of all the crap that’s getting pumped into their in-boxes everyday and they know most emails are simply promoting the latest and greatest product of the day.

If you are guilty of promoting crap every day then you will probably fail, and be honest you deserve it for treating your subscribers like an ATM machine.

Look! The only way to get your emails opened is to stand out and be different an make your subscribers want to open your emails.  – (This was from John Thornhill)

And if he has made these mistakes in the past, and you have, then you are forgiven, but that said whether you have or haven’t made these mistakes – DON’T!

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