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Hack Number 12 Don’t Be Scared To Hit The Send Button

Don’t Be Scared To
Hit The Send Button

These are a series of Hacks on how to get more…
Emails opened and get more clicks.
I will be teaching you using aweber autoresponder and so if…
You wish to follow along when I am doing aweber tutorials then…
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If I can teach you anything at all in this blog post it will be…


I send out mail to my list every day without fail. I do sequences of up to 365 emails so that the sequence is sent out daily from the first day that my subscriber subscribes for a whole year.

When that is exhausted I add to that sequence so the delivery does not come to a standstill.

I know you are expecting everything to be automated, and as you can see that is the case, but we do have to work sometimes and adding to particular sequences is one of those tedious but necessary jobs.

Remember, when everything is going in pure automation, after you have done your work, the money will be coming into your bank even as you sleep.

You will finally have the PASSIVE INCOME that you have always wanted!

I sometimes then email up to five times a day sending 4 different ones than the daily sequence ones.


Because every time I send out an email I am hoping to make money and let’s be honest, we are internet marketer in order to make money. Yes?

I can hear you saying from here, “But Den, won’t you p**s off your subscribers mailing them so often?”
Yes, of course there will be some complainers, I could be offering to send them $100 and they would still moan. But that’s life and that’s people.

Getting over rejections is what we do :-))))

However, that being said, I have found that the more I mail my subscribers, the more responsive they become? Why that is I don’t know, but it is so.

So, if you are only mailing out to your subscribers now and again, I sincerely advise you to re-consider and start to mail out to them on a daily basis.

I make sure, that like I do on my blog, I will do in my emails and that is adding value to both.

I make sure that my email sequences are not pure pitch fests and I try to get it right so that I earn more and gain my subscribers trust.

Now, you need to build your list in the first place and for that you will need to launch more products.

I use JVZoo, Clickbank and WarriorPlus to sell my products.

You see, most of my subscribers have bought my stuff and you may be one of those?

When your list is made up of customers that have bought from you, your list is what is known as a Buyer List!

Once you get your launch process going, you will be earning from the launches and from the list you have already accumulated.

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Feel free to comment below and let us know which of these hacks has been your favourite.

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“How Would You Like To
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