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Hack Number 13 Always Have A Call To Action

Always have a call to action

These are a series of Hacks on how to get more…
Emails opened and get more clicks.
I will be teaching you using aweber autoresponder and so if…
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There should always be a call to action!

Why not ask your visitors this sort of thing.

Hey if you liked what you learned on here, please share it.

You should always be telling people what to do, for instance, leave a comment,

Visit other member blogs or if you aren’t a member of the like of John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success.

Arrange for people to click on your guest post. (Google how to add a guest post to WordPress)

This shows you want to communicate and want to know what visitors want.

Ask what they want to see on your site. Tell them to leave a comment on the guest post

I am teaching you all getting clicks, so if you want to know more about listbuilding leave a comment in the guest post.

You can get lots of ideas from comments on what to teach next.

Here is an example of a Call To Action…

**Here is the link to goto >>> listen to what he tells you because it could literally change your life.

Here is an example of a Guest Post…

And never forget, you can’t whistle with your mouth full.

This is a guest post from George Washington, if you would like to be considered for a guest post please contact me.

If you are a member of a group and you like what you read or see, always share it with your friends and contacts.

If the group has sharing icons, like fb, twitter, instagram etc, click on them and share.

This means your instantly spreading the word.

Sharing doesn’t actually help you make money, but what it does do is build trust with your followers on the social media sites.

When they know you only share something worth while, it will be easy to get them to click on your own links for products or affiliate sites. Then you WILL EARN MONEY!

So, make sure you don’t share anything that will give you a bad name :-)))))

Another thing that I do is with the likes of these Hacks I am giving you, I will add them to my own facebook pages and go into my own page and share them on social sites, you will be surprised at how many times your pages will get shared and commented on.

I did a 25 ways to earn money online post on one of my FB pages and even now every two or three weeks I go in and share it. it still gets a lot of feedback, clicks and positive comments and it is probably something like 4 or 5 years old now.

When you can if you like a post always leave comments.

A comment I like to make on internet marketer’s post that says something like… “Quality posts are ageless.”

My comment is the following…

Hi (poster’s name) just goes to show doesn’t it? I wonder if a backlink from such a post still works… haha 🙂 Dennis

Do you see how I slip in my website on just a comment I make about the other marketers post. This gives you extra backlinks for google to find.

Remember that google likes backlinks, the more backlinks you get to your site the higher up the rankings you get in Google.

This really does work a treat, try it…

Another thing I always do is put my website link on all my profiles whether it be FB pages, Instagram, Twitter etc., even when I am signing up for something, I put my website link on it. I put it anywhere I can online.

Can’t hurt can it?

So, from now on whenever you can make comments and find a way to add your website link on them.
I don’t do this so that joe soap and his wife will click on my website link. I only want targetted people to click on my website. Which is what you should want too.

The reason I leave it on comments etc., is what I have told you above, I want Google’s robots to find them and up my backlink value on Google Rankings.

Google has fantastic robots that litterally find just about everything and remember they are not human, so they don’t know it is you have put it on there, if just finds the link and adds it to its list of backlinks.

At the end of the day…


Give Google what they want, Quality Content that people will share.

Next I want you to read The Bloggers Roadmap by Dan Sumner it is brilliant and will really help you move forward.

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Feel free to comment below and let us know which of these hacks has been your favourite.

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