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Hack Number 15 – Hacks You Need Work On

Hacks You Need To Work On

These are a series of Hacks on how to get more…
Emails opened and get more clicks.
I will be teaching you using aweber autoresponder and so if…
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So you want to be an internet marketer? To become one you have a lot to learn if your starting from scratch.

For instance, here is a bundle of hacks you need to know and use.

Doing these will get you going strong.

  1. Capture visitor’s email address.
  2. Assess what one visitor is worth to you
  3. When it comes to testimonials, never listen to gurus who tell you to make some up – NEVER FAKE A TESTIMONIAL!
  4. It doesn’t matter how large your list gets, you need to know how to utilise it.
  5. Once you have a customer, you need to make your money on the backend as that’s where most money is made.
  6. Never ever scam anyone at all – YOU WILL BE FOUND OUT!
  7. Sometimes you will get a click, but not a customer, so when they do click make sure you have organised number 1 on this list.
  8. Never be nosy when you are talking to another marketer, you don’t need to know how big his list is.
  9. Make your own products, they are the way to make you the most profits. Contact me I will teach you how.
  10. Fiverr offer ways to get thousands of FaceBook likes, never go this way, if you want Facebook likes – EARN THEM!
  11. When a visitor to your site or Facebook page reaches out, never discard them, you never know just how big a customer of yours they will become.
  12. Don’t try to do your own graphics if you are not an expert – OUTSOURCE THEM on fiverr or Upwork.
  13. To be successful you need to look after your customers and prospects. Give them as much support as you can.
  14. I covered use your own product above, but having just one product does not make you a product making expert.
  15. You will get many offers in your emails to have the work DFY (done for you). Don’t be lazy learn it yourself.
  16. When you get conversions, concentrate on them before concentrating on getting more traffic.
  17. Relationships with other marketers must be built before JVing with them.
  18. Never promote anything that you don’t know everything about, how to use it, etc.,
  19. Diversify whenever you can. The more money making projects the better, it will ensure the longevity of your business.
  20. As you grow in marketing stature try to promote at least one high ticket product that you make, or Affiliate to.
  21. Promote other marketers offers, do a little reciprocation with them you promote theirs, they promote yours.
  22. Google has grown so much, my wife tells me Google knows everything. I argue that when she wants to know how to do something, she doesn’t use Google, she goes straight to YouTube. So, this is something you should do to, use Google and YouTube as part of your business tools.
  23. If you are not completely sure about something, never give advice on it.
  24. If you can, attend as many events on your niche subject as you can.
  25. Every evening I do a list of 6 things I must do the next day. I always start with the hardest job first, never do a list starting with the easiest job because by the time you do the easy things, you may be too tired to do the most important on the list.
  26. You must have been told a million times that the customer is always right, yes? But Are They?  – I THINK NOT!
  27. If and when you get a request for a refund, do it NOW! No procrastinations. Honour your refund policy to the hilt.
  28. Traffic is fickle, if you find a way to get huge traffic to your site, don’t sit on it, that means of traffic could be gone tomorrow, always look for new traffic getting ways.
  29. When you have a list, send them emails on a daily basis, yes daily, sometimes I send out 4 or 5 emails a day.
  30. Make sure you have everything right before a launch. Test everything, this is easy if you are using JVZoo, Clickbank etc.,
  31. Now you have tested everything, do it again and again before you launch.
  32. Remember one thing, JVZoo and Clickbank plus others always ask you how much commission you are willing to give to affiliates, I recommend you pay more than you want to, you will get more affiliates that way. Remember what John D. Rockefeller said, “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” This is something I live by…
  33. Copywriting is so important, so learn it, there are so many books and lesson on copywriting, there is no excuse for not knowing at least the basis of good copywriting.
  34. When it comes to what hosting service to use for your sites, try to find the best that suits your requirements, I personally have no complaints using Godaddy’s hosting.
  35. My policy when it comes to selling something is that if someone is making a killing in a niche, then if I pick that niche, I will make a killing too. Even if it has already been done, you can always find a way to do it better!
  36. Coaching isn’t just telling, it also takes having the ability to listen.
  37. As you know I love to ask my followers and subscribers if there is any way or anything I can help them with. You’d be surprised at how many products I have made through questions.
  38. Every post and page must have a call to action offering something, because you must always be closing.
  39. Learn how to do a webinar, the best webinars company to use if you don’t have webinar software is or Zoom, one killer presentation seminar could actually set you up for the rest of your life.
  40. You must split test your subjects of your sales and emails. I find that some subjects are better than others. So, split test and then split test again, rinse and repeat.
  41. Never slight another marketer, even if you think they are useless, once you start doing something like that, believe me it will be the beginning of the end of your business.
  42. Remember it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have, unless they are or become a customer they are of no use to you, so 1 paying customer is worth 1000 subscribers.
  43. Always be truthful and speak your mind, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. That goes for offline in your life as well as in your business online. Your customers and followers will appreciate your honesty.
  44. Use social media as much as possible, it can make you, but on the other hand do something wrong and it – WILL BREAK YOU!
  45. If you use any sort of scarcity and you give a day and time that the offer is going to finish. Then make sure the offer closes. People take notice of this, some silly marketers give a deadline then leave the offer open. There is nothing wrong with saying “Due to popular demand, I am re-opening this offer for – ???? days”.
  46. No matter how much you think people are stupid, they are not, so, do not lie to them, ever!
  47. When you are sending an email for whatever reason, if you have any doubts, do not hit that – SEND BUTTON!
  48. Never get into any arguments with your subscribers or customers, it just isn’t worth it.
  49. When you are promoting anything, your own product or an affiliate one, always use a re-direct. I will in a later post teach you how to do this.
  50. Check your emails once a day, preferrably before you start work in the morning.
  51. A support program is so, so important and if you don’t know how to make one, then you must outsource it, never be without a support system for your customers and followers.
  52. As you know on this and every one of my sites I have a scrolling optin form, as you read any or my pages or posts and you scroll down, my optin form will accompany you all the way down on the right hand side of the page. As you can see as you read this one :-))))
  53. If you need to get more information than I am giving then it is imperative that you get a mentor someone that will be a good coach.
  54. When you put your product for sale on the like of JVZoo. com you will want as many affiliates as you can possibly tempt. Remember affiliates tend to be lazy and want promotions to be slick, so give them what they need and more in order that they can seamlessly promote your product.
  55. Once you have announced a time and date of your launch, never under any circumstances cancle it, I say this, but I know sometimes cancellation can be unavoidable – that will be a different scenario completely.
  56. Whenever you ask you customers or prospects to give you a true critique for your product, asking something like this, you need to be prepared to take it on the chin :-))))
  57. Give as much help as you can for FREE, just like I am doing here, newbies need your help and you never know how far they will go, help them now and they won’t forget it, – OR YOU!
  58. I get most of my product ideas from my customers and followers. So when you have them, listen to them, you never know what gems they are going to come up with.
  59. To be a marketer you have to have a thick skin. Sometimes you come across nasty people who will unsubscribe and at the same time leave nasty comments. Never let it bother you, as my mother used to say to me as I was growing up, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you.”
  60. I use as my autoresponder, whichever is best for you, you must master how to use it. There are great tutorials on the autoresponder sites and also on YouTube.
  61. If you can, get someone you know to proofread your posts for you. Make sure there are no spelling mitesakes misekese mistakes. lol
  62. Never ever use more than two different fonts or colours on you webpages and posts.
  63. Email swipe lists are common when you become an affiliate, but my advice is never use them as is. Always, and I mean always use them as samples, change them into your own words without losing the punch of the email.
  64. You will not become an overnight millionaire (unless you are really lucky) so make workable goals, my first goal was to earn $1 online, my first was $97 for my investment lessons, they sold well, so my next goal was $10,000. etc, etc.,
  65. When you start earning on JVZoo and others your prize to your affiliate competitions should be money. Nothing gets the affiliates moving like Money Prizes :-)))
  66. You will see and hear it a lot “Email marketing is dead” what a lot of Cobblers that is, the money is still in the list no matter what anyone says.
  67. Never try to work on more than one product at a time, you will find that you will do much better when you concentrate on just one niche and its subniches as well. Use all subniches before moving onto another niche.
  68. Try hard to make your product offer as simple and easy to understand as possible, use only lay-mans terms, confusion is your worst enemy and leads to CART ABANDONMENT!
  69. I used to try and make elaborate squeeze pages, but now I know for sure that Less is More when it comes to squeeze pages.
  70. If you have decided that being an affiliate is the way you want to go, then take this advice as Gospel. When you are selling someone elses product, make your own landing page from their landing page and on yours state that you are giving away X amount of Bonuses if they buy from your affiliate link – put your affiliate link under that statement. I will teach you in a later post how to do this sort of landing page.
  71. Do you get annoyed when people have pop-ups on their pages? Yes? Well annoying as they may be to you – THEY WORK!
  72. Google AmazonS3 and join. Then if you are using videos, store then on there and stream them from there, not on YouTube. AmazonS3 has tutorials for you to watch, so that you will know how to stream your videos onto your adverts and sites.
  73. Don’t be shy to tell people about yourself in your adverts, a good story always sells products.
  74. Gurus will tell you to use only emails that are professional for instance, NO! Use Gmail that works for me.
  75. When I make a digital product I send it out as PLR in 4 formats, Word document, PDF, MP3 and Video. People love this as they can watch, listen, read and change the words in Word to their own.
  76. When you sell on any of the platforms, JVZoo, Clickbank etc, most of the affiliates will not make any sales, so, take note of the ones that do and focus your attention on those.
  77. As soon as someone buys off you and is added to your list, is the best time to try to sell them something else in the same niche.
  78. As an affiliate you should always contact the vendor of the product you are going to promote and ask him/her if they can give a discount for your customers. If they say they can’t because it would be too difficult that is not true, it can always be done.
  79. Try to make your products evergreen, by evergreen I mean in a niche that will never die, such as making money online, internet marketing etc, etc,.
  80. When you are doing a launch of your own product used scarcity and stick to it. If you say only 200 sales then do not sell 201, sometimes it can’t be helped, your first day could get you more, so the best way for scaricty is time based.
  81. Always end the launch program on a Sunday.
  82. Do not look at anything else when you are working, shut down anything that will be a distraction. Skype, Facebook, Smartphone Email, anything.
  83. I can assure you that if you do research on any niche, you will become an expert within 2 or 3 weeks, first stop, research  – Google, then YouTube.
  84. When you are working on something really important like preparing for your launch, make sure you have at least a 24 hour complete break.
  85. If your product is a really good one, most of your sales will come from affiliates.
  86. I get my best ideas during the night, I sometimes dream them, so I keep a notepad by the side of my bed and when the idea comes, I just jot it down.
  87. There is more time in a day than you think – SWITCH OFF THE TV!
  88. Stop for meals, do not work through eating sandwiches or other snacks.
  89. Have a timer either by the side of your computer or one that is on your computer (downloaded) and only work in 45 minute stints. Take at least five or ten minutes every 45 minutes, get up and stretch your legs.
  90. My motto is one of Henry Fords Quotes. “The short successes that can be gained in a brief time and without difficulty, are not worth much.”
  91. Never give up, you will succeed and don’t be like the man mining for diamonds below…

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