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Hack Number 7 Advert For Upwork

Advert To Put On Upwork

Follow all the instructions when you are adding a job on Upwork. Then when it comes to the description of your job, just copy and print the following. I have put some results that I had from applicants underneath the AD DESCRIPTION…

Ad Description To Copy & Paste

Long Term SEO Specialists Needed – Feedback Will Be Provided.

Needs to hire 3 Freelancers
My company is looking to hire a few SEO Specialists to handle some of our clients.

You will be working with everyone from plumbers to lawyers and everything in between.

We are looking to hire at least 3 people ASAP.

In order to get the job you must have proof that you can rank websites. Please include prior work that you have done (keywords and sites ranked) in your application.

We will only be interviewing people who have PROOF!

Apply today, start today

Fast Pay, Great feedback, long term position!

Apply Now!

hours to be determined
3 to 6 months project length

ongoing project; SEO Specialist
Project type: ongoing project

Skills and Expertise
Seo Services
Seo Keyword research

Social Media Marketing
off page SEO
On page SEO
Seo Backlinking

Preferred Qualifications:
Job Success Score: At least 90%
Include Rising Talent: yes

Activity on this job please supply proof of your results with links to them


Results I received, this was a long time ago 2014 to be exact, so some of the links pointing to page one will not be valid now as lots of companies have folded for whatever reasons.

When you do this and get the results from applicants, you must pick the best of them and make a whitepaper similar to the one below and send it to your prospects with proof as I have done in the Whitepaper.

Then when you get a customer you don’t have to do any work.

All you have to do is contact the Upwork Applicant and hire them to do the job for you. They will get your client’s website ranked on the first page of Google and do the upkeep on a monthly basis for a price that you will discuss with them. Don’t just pay what they ask on a monthly basis. Make a deal that you will all be happy with.

You charge your client accordingly :-)))))

please download the PROOF zip file from here…
Downlod Now

As I said, the results shown are from 2014 and  I got great jobs from a WhitePaper PDF I sent at that time with the proof on there to my prospects.

Download the whitepaper and you can copy how I did it with your results.
Download Whitepaper Now

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