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Hack Number 9 Swapping Email Sequences

Hack Number 9

These are a series of Hacks on how to get more…
Emails opened and get more clicks.
I will be teaching you using aweber autoresponder and so if…
You wish to follow along when I am doing aweber tutorials then…
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Swapping Email Sequences

This is a follow on idea from Hack Number 7 where you wrote an autoresponder sequence and placed your link on the P.S.

What I do in this scenario is I contact another marketer and we swap sequences. I send him my 50 plus email sequence and he sends me his, this halves the work on building autoresponer sequences.

We send out the sequences to our lists leaving them completely as they are with the links going to the senders affiliate products or to his/her products. No changing the emails at all. Just sending them out to my list.

Once we start swapping, everytime we do a new set of emails, we swap againg.

This means that all my list will get my sequences and my friend’s sequences as well.

And vice-versa, all my friend’s list will also get both.

I do this with a good few marketers sending out the same sequences to them and they send me theirs.

This gives me such a wide variety of prospects as you can imagine.

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Feel free to comment below and let us know which of these hacks has been your favourite.

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