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First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated © Dennis Rocke 2022


It all started out at the burn pile.  I was burning trash and accidentally a full  spray paint can exploded at the base of my feet.  A big ball of fire went up 12 feet in the air and burned my hands, forearms up to my sleeves, and my face.  I held my breath and did not panic, being a professional race car driver (Sprint Cars) I was taught to do this. Then immediately turned and dropped to the ground and rolled.

I knew I was in trouble.  I could see burnt skin hanging from my forearms. 

I immediately walked into the house and told my wife “We have a serious problem”. Immediately we applied the herbal paste to my face.   

1st Photo, Day After Burn Incident
It helped tremendously to relieve all the pain.

I agreed to go to the hospital because my family was concerned about shock.

I admitted myself to the Hanover Hospital in Hanover, Pa. I was told by the doctor that I had significant 2nd degree burns.


2nd Photo, The Herbal Burn Salve Applied

They cleaned me up and transferred me to the John Hopkins Burn Center in Baltimore, Md.


Day Four – Drastic Improvement

While being treated at the Hanover Hospital the one doctor made a comment after seeing the herbal paste plastered all over my face, he made a joke saying “I did not know that we were celebrating Halloween tonight??? (Even though it was the day after Halloween)


Day 5 – The Dead Skin Starting To Flake

In the first photo you’ll see that my face is really swollen, as soon as got  home from hospital, I applied the Herbal Burn Paste again, as shown in the 2nd photo.


Day 8 – The Difference Is Phenomenal

I could feel the Herbal Burn Paste working all over my face.  The following day the swelling had disappeared, this was more interesting, because the Doctor told me it was going be good four days for the swelling to go down.

I applied Herbal Burn Paste for the next 10 days.


Day 10 – Almost All Cleared Up

At fourteen days my Face is pretty much back to normal.

Day 14 – Back To My Normal Self

Treating My Hands and Arms

I applied the Herbal Burn Paste to my arms and hands on Thursday morning and again on Friday morning over top of the paste from the day before.




I am using tweezers in images below, to remove the residue that was left behind from the sterile bandage. You will see residue on the bottom side of my wrist.

On Saturday I removed all the paste and saw all these new skin cells coming to the surface. The remains on the gauze was a coating of the skin cells.


I am not kidding when I say that the Herbal Burn Paste will act as an artificial skin graft.

As you can see, It DID!

We continued with the paste until the tenth day.

When the salve wouldn’t stick to my face, it was the signal that new skin had grown.



I only experienced pain when I was in the hospital when they did their procedures (the de-braiding, and cleansing of the burns with a brush) even though they tried to manage the pain with morphine, It was still extremely painful! and then when I was at my home, when the bandages had to be removed and the remaining residue from the sterile gauze that had been applied in the burn center.


Herbal Burn Paste

The gauze had stuck to my face like glue. The burn center had put this on the day before.

It had to be removed with tweezers. I was instructed every day to clean and scrub the wounds and put the ointment on before I would put the sterile gauze back on.

This was when I decided that the hospital treatment was far too painful.


Hand 10 days after burn

I re-applied the herbal paste back and the moment it was on, I received instant relief.

I honestly have to say from that moment on I was completely free from the burn pain.


Arm 10 days after burn

Very Important Steps in Healing my Burns

I fasted about 4 days and then I ate very lightly all living foods. The reason I did this was so I could use all my body’s’ enzymes for healing and not for digesting. I knew this would be important. When you eat foods that are heavy, this creates a heavy digestion. If you eat animal products and grains this increases the chances of infection. I also did a lot of juicing.

I am a vegan and consume about 95% living foods which played a big role in my healing.

As your body is healing, it will be eliminating a lot of waste. It is very important to keep your bowels moving. You can also get very constipated if you have to take narcotics or any other medicine. I took formula #1 which is a intestinal bowel cleaner.

I also drank gallons of oxy water. The oxy water is high parts of oxygenated water. This water washes and hydrates the cells which enhances the healing.

I meditated for many hours and pictured my body completely healed.

This whole experience has truly been a blessing that will forever change my life. It has opened my heart and has allowed more forgiveness and love.

I Give Thanks

To my Loving wife and 4 little children who had to do everything for me.

Molly, Thank you for all your help being a nurse.

Hans, Thank You driving my wife to the Hospital And driving us home.

My brother Bobby Allen, Thank You for getting the things we needed!

Mom Thank You for your Loving help.

All Friends and Family, Thank You for all your support and help!

Sonnewald Natural Foods for having fresh Herbs on Hand!!

Thank You, Natural Zing for having The best raw, organic, products on Hand!

Thank You Dara Dietz of Heal Market Place for All your Help!!

Side Note: – ANECDOTE

If I had stayed in the hospital and let them do their thing.
I would have been in so much pain and not only that, it would have taken between two to six months healing time, leaving scars.

The salve also works on cuts.

My wife’s uncle cut his thumb badly on the table saw and didn’t want anything to do with our salve.

After about a week with no sign of any healing and suffering pain,.

The Doc said if it didn’t get better in three day, an operation would be needed.

He came over and we put the salve on him.

In three days there was a 50% healing and three more days he was almost completely healed!

Joseph Michael

Sends His Love To You All!

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