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Health Dieting GET WELL!



First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated © Dennis Rocke 2022

Health Dieting

In the last couple of centuries there has been a negative influence on medical thinking, caused by the rapid developments in chemical and physical sciences. This has in fact had a slowing down effect on the healing arts. Because of this, despite all the hype on how much progress has occurred, when in the future, medical history is written, it will become known that the twentieth century was not very progressive in medicine and that medicine was somewhat in the dark ages where healing was concerned.

This may seem unbelievable, but the concept towards disease in the twentieth century was not much different than what was thought during primitive voodoo times. The only thing missing was the thought that ‘evil spirits’ were the causes. This said we have been led to believe that instead of ‘evil spirits’, we must blame those horrible ‘evil germs, bacteria and viruses’ attacking us poor, unsuspecting and undeserving humans. We use the term ‘caught’ i.e., I caught a cold, and talk about those evil germ like creatures going around striking at every person who it comes into contact with. Our scientists and doctors have the job of Sir Galahad or Saint George in killing or driving these horrible creatures away with their magic potions that they dish out in different styles of package such as cardboard boxes or bottles. They also sometimes resort to using a small lance like needle weapon to inject and thus save the poor mortal from these vicious attacks.

Biological medicine on the other hand takes exception to the old Pasteurian thoughts about disease and the drug approach to medicine in the treatment of the diseases. What is paramount in the biological thinking is that diseases are brought about by the health destroying habits along with physical and emotional stresses. They are not brought about as is irrefutably thought to be a physical fact that the natural causes of disease are bacteria or virus. The real cause is the weakened state a man has brought to his body through his un-healthy living.

Bacteria and Virus only enter into the picture if the person they attack is not perfectly fit. If a person keeps their body in a fit and healthy state, bacteria and virus only come into the equation when it has to do its job after the Undertaker has done his and that is to fulfil its real reason for being about in the first place to ‘return us to dust’.

Our environment is always full of bacteria, it is everywhere including inside our bodies at all times. It is within all living cells and organisms. Normally they are completely harmless when the organism is in its natural healthy state and full of resistance to illness. This said, they are sitting waiting ever-ready to just step up to the line and destroy its host organism as soon as it sees that the host has lowered its resistance through lowering its vitality and life-force.

This book has been produced so that you can learn how to make your body fit and in doing so enforce a wellness and a feeling of wellbeing that can’t be surpassed.


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