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First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated © Dennis Rocke 2022


There are no cures offered

The biological medicines, nutritional diets, vitamins, juices, herbs etc., and all other information given in this fact sheet are not cures for disease and are not offered as such, they are only given for you to use supportively to help the body’s to use its own inherent healing forces and so to assist in the natural healing activity of the body. I must stress here that it is a fact that no food, no herb nor vitamin or drug can ever cure disease, the only thing that can cure disease is the body using its own healing and health restoring functions. The aim of this is to help you help your own body to use its healing functions such as eliminating the causes of disease and in that case allowing you to create the optimum condition that allows the healing forces of the body to bring about its own healing and eventual cure.

This book has evolved solely with nutritionally and biologically orientated practitioners such as physicians and others of the healing profession in mind. Since starting it I have realised that it will be extremely beneficial to more than this sector, in fact everyone that reads or follows the treatments included will by using common sense find this a very helpful manual if a time comes that the body needs treatment in order to get well.

In the book whenever I recommend certain vitamins in large doses or diets including food supplements, herbs and juices, I offer this information purely on for education purposes and am not prescribing treatment or diagnosing a problem. The following information must be regarded and viewed as a compilation of research and existing data and does not have the author’s or publisher’s endorsement. Sufferers of serious complaints or illnesses should only think of using the information found within this book with the cooperation of their doctor – preferably one that is biologically and nutritionally orientated – abiding by the doctor’s decisions at all times regarding whether or not it is advisable to use the suggested therapies I have given for specific conditions. In the event that the reader uses the information found in this book without the full approval of his/her doctor, this person is prescribing for him/herself, and is assuming all responsibility for doing so, which of course is his constitutional right so to do, this taken into account, the author and publishers assume no responsibility whatsoever. Likewise, if any member of the healing profession uses the information contained in this book in treatment of their patients, they must assume full responsibility for the results – the author and publishers are only supplying this information for educational, experimental and research purposes and assume no responsibility whatsoever in regards to its effectiveness or any possible harm incurred through incorrect or correct application of the described therapies.

All the Biological therapies included, such as herbal, nutritional and naturopathic are not offered as an alternative approach to diseases, in place of orthodox medicine or to any of the other medicines such as, homeopathic, osteopathic and chiropractic etc., but more as a supportive system to conventional treatments, one that can be used as an addition or in combination with other types of therapy if so desired. There is no contradiction or opposition to orthodox healing when using Biological Medicine. In fact it complements them totally.

The only connection the author of this book has to any health-food manufacturer or to any retailing industry is by being an affiliate of them. It is not our purpose to offer for sale any vitamins or supplements recommended or mentioned in the pages of this book apart from doing so via an affiliation and then only because they have an extremely good reputation.

This book or part of it must not be used in any way to promote, advertise or used to sell foods, vitamins, supplements or any product that has been recommended or mentioned during its formation.

The information given, the full content, even the format and presentation is fully copyrighted and therefore all rights are strictly reserved. No part of and particularly no part of the therapies or foods, herbs, vitamins, supplements may be reproduced or passed on in any other method to any other party by any form or means be they mechanical, electronic, photocopies, audio recordings or by any other means of storing information without the permission of the author or publishers acquired solely in writing, signed by either the author or publishers.

To our knowledge all vitamins, herb, herb teas and supplements mentioned in this book can be bought at most of the good health and food stores and if they don’t stock them then they should be able to advise where they can be obtained. Some of the therapies involve vitamins and supplements that a doctor may have the right to prescribe for certain illnesses, if the doctor can’t supply them, he may be able to advise or help you obtain them from the manufacturer, such as Vitamin A or Retin A as it is marketed.

The public in general is turning more to holistic medicine and are looking for the help of Biologically orientated doctors or practitioners more and more. Because of this the amount of doctors and clinics that do practice biological medicine are growing in numbers. This book has been devised with this fact in mind. It has come about in order to help both you the reader and biologically orientated doctors and clinics everywhere, in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, in fact the whole of the world as we know it.

As stated above the biological approach that is taken throughout this book and the treatment of diseases, diets, juices, vitamins, herbs etc., are not offered as CURES for any diseases, but are only offered in a supportive manner for helping the body to use its own inherent healing facility that it should use to help the body to bring into force its own healing activities. It does this by eliminating all the underlying causes of the disease and in the same process creates a favourable environment so that the body by using its own healing powers can bring about its own cure. What the therapies aim for is to help the body heal itself.

Each individual has a different response in the way the body reacts to vitamins and special foods, these responses are determined by many factors, such as health stature age and the ability for assimilation of nutrients. Even emotional stress has a factor etc.,


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