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Juice Fast



First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated Dennis Rocke © 2022


There are no cures offered

The biological medicines, nutritional diets, vitamins, juices, herbs etc., and all other information given in this fact sheet are not cures for disease and are not offered as such, they are only given for you to use supportively to help the body’s to use its own inherent healing forces and so to assist in the natural healing activity of the body. I must stress here that it is a fact that no food, no herb nor vitamin or drug can ever cure disease, the only thing that can cure disease is the body using its own healing and health restoring functions. The aim of this is to help you help your own body to use its healing functions such as eliminating the causes of disease and in that case allowing you to create the optimum condition that allows the healing forces of the body to bring about its own healing and eventual cure.

Juice Fasts

Biochemical Suffocation is the main cause of ageing and disease. It is the normal process of cell metabolism and regeneration in the body that is interfered with by this disorder. Our bodies rely on many different things to keep us well; it is a fact that our bodies are only as strong as the weakest part. So we must look after every aspect of it in order to keep everything going in a healthy state. This means you are only as healthy as your cells are.

It is when the cell regeneration and rebuilding slows down that disease and ageing take over. The slowdown is caused by waste products interfering with the body’s nourishment and oxygenation of its cells.

Every cell has its own metabolism and is in itself a complete living entity. Oxygen and nourishment must be supplied constantly; this is supplied with our nutritive intake such as minerals, trace elements, fatty tissues and proteins. A sedentary life could mean a sluggish metabolism, this along with overeating, lack of water and fresh air, poor assimilation and poor digestion causes the breakdown and degeneration begins. It is the normal rebuilding and regeneration of cells that suffers and the body begins the ageing process (we begin to grow old). Illnesses will start to occur and resistance to disease increases. You don’t have to be old for this to happen, it can happen at any time of your life.

A quarter of the cells in your body are usually in the process of growth and another quarter dying. The other half are usually in the peak of condition. It is imperative that the dead cells are eliminated from the body post haste as this stimulates the building and growth of the new cells.

This restoration of health brings me to juice fasting. Juice fasting is the greatest tool to restore health and to rejuvenate the body. The elimination of dead cells is accelerated during a juice fast, which in turn accelerates and stimulates the building of new cells. Another benefit is that the toxic waste products are eliminated restoring the normal oxygenation of the cells.

Reasons why juice fasting is so beneficial

Your body will start living on its own substances after the third day of a prolonged fast. It will burn and digest its own tissues by means of autolysis when deprived of the usual proteins and fats. Autolysis is self digestion. Don’t be alarmed, the body is not stupid and does not do this indiscriminately. The body has wisdom and this is where the secret of why fasting has the extraordinary beneficial side effect of rejuvenation and a hugely curative consequence. During the fast the body firstly decomposes and burns the diseased, aged, damaged or dead tissues. It is all the morbid accumulations, tumours, fat deposits, abscesses, inferior and impure materials and dead cells that the body feeds on during the fast. This as you can imagine is a wonderful occurrence. Fasting is therefore the most efficient waste disposal method the body can go through. Fasting does not damage or digest any of the essential tissues, vital organs, glands, nervous system or the brain.

The building of new healthy cells is accelerated whilst the diseased and old cells are decomposed and burned. Unbelievable as this may sound due to no nourishment or at least very little nourishment at all being supplied to the body during the fasting period, it is a physiological fact. It has been monitored that whilst patients were on a 10 day fast, the protein levels in the blood remained constant and the blood sugar levels remained at the norm even though again there was no nourishment supplied except juices. The simple explanation for this is that whilst proteins are in the body they remain in what is known as the dynamic state, being decomposed and re-synthesised constantly and being re-used by the body for whatever needs arise. The amino acids that appear whilst the old, diseased or dead cells are not wasted, but are used again while the body processes the new building of the vital cells.

The lungs, liver, skin and kidneys’ work increases whiles a fasting because the elimination and cleaning the body is increased due to the masses of toxins and metabolic wastes that are rapidly expelled. For instance during a fast the amount toxins normally in the urine is increased tenfold due to the alimentary canal, kidneys and the liver having less to do digesting foods thus eliminating the need to make waste products and therefore are allowed to concentrate on cleansing any accumulated wastes such as purines, uric acid etc from the tissues. The good but obnoxious symptoms of this cleansing can be observed by the patient having really bad breath, skin eruptions, dark urine, perspiration (excessive), a generous discharge quite continuous from the colon whilst taking the laxatives (explained later) and a catarrhal mucus causing the patient to clear the throat.

All the protective, assimilative and digestive get a well earned rest whilst fasting occurs and after fasting, the way these organs work is much improved and waste retention and sluggishness of the system is reduced immensely.

The functions of the nervous and mental systems, rejuvenative, stabilising and all physiological functions are normalised by the fast.

It is really plain to see by the above why fasting has such a massive rejuvenative and health restoring effect on the body.

Fasting is coming back into fashion

As a therapy, fasting is the oldest known to us. It was a common thing when humans became ill it was instinctive that they stopped eating until their health was restored. The same as animals do, maybe man got from them as they always go on a fast when not well.

Fasting has been regarded as one of the best curative therapies throughout medical history. Even the ancient Greek medical practitioners prescribed fasting as a means to restoring health. It was the coming of the drug-based medicines that put fasting into disrepute with orthodox medical practitioners. Modern doctors all prescribe diets to lose weight as they agree that obesity is bad for the health, but fasting to restore health is an absolute no-no, but absolutely going without food to get well or reduce weight is not often attempted. This is now all changing, there are many studies on fasting being carried out throughout the world, particularly in Europe. These studies are aiming to determine the therapeutic, healing and regenerative effects that occur.

One of the marchers in the now famous Swedish Marches, a Dr Karl Otto Aly, MD., walked approximately thirty three miles a day for ten days states that the marchers on a juice and vegetable fast, even though stressed, their health improved and they all felt stronger with more vitality and vigour after the fast than before it started. Conclusive proof that it is beneficial to the body to exercise even though it is being deprived of nourishment or should I say it is only having nourishment from the juice and self digestion.

Fasting is a routinely used for every type of disease in clinics in Sweden and Germany for instance, in digestive disorders, skin conditions, cardio-vascular and rheumatic conditions.

Is fasting safe?

One anecdote I would like to speak about is about a fifty year old broken hearted man who lost his wife to a younger man, he thought that his life wasn’t worth living without her and decided to commit suicide by starving himself. He took off and headed for the mountains where he stopped eating food. He sipped small drops of water from a mountain spring occasionally. He thought that death would come to him quickly by living like this without food, but to his surprise it didn’t come, in fact as the days went by he started to feel stronger and stronger and healthier. To cut a long story short, after seventy four days without food he changed his mind (one of the benefits of fasting is it improves the ability for logical and clear thinking, in fact it restores and improves the mental capacity) about killing himself and realised that his wife wasn’t worth it. He lived another thirty years happily married to a new wife.

Another woman, sixty four living in Scotland fasted for two hundred and forty nine days on juices, lost 74 pounds and rid herself of arthritis as an aside.

So in answer to the question is fasting safe. It is a resounding YES! Not only is it safe, but it is one of the best healing methods plus the safest!

Fasting Methods

The safest way to fast is juice fasting, in the early days fasting was carried out using fresh pure water, but juice fasting is far superior. I can only imagine if the early practitioners of fasting had the equipment there is on the market today for making juices, they would have used juices instead of water, who knows? When juice fasting use fresh raw juices made from fruit, vegetables, vegetable broths and herb teas as these have are more effective for cleansing and rejuvenating the tissues and also give a faster recovery time from disease. Water fasts used to exert too much stress on the patients, stress of the physical and emotional kind, which in turn meant that the patient used to give up too soon to gain any benefits and therefore fasting was said to be unsuccessful. Perhaps this is why fasting went into disrepute with the medical fraternity.

The body burns and excretes massive amounts of waste during a fast. Drinking alkaline juices helps to cleanse the body. So alkaline forming fruit and vegetable juices increase healing, uric acid elimination, and other inorganic acid elimination and does it in quick time. The sugars in the juices are beneficial and strengthen the heart.

The other thing that is highly beneficial in fruit and vegetable juices is that they contain all the vitamins, enzymes, natural colourings, minerals and trace elements that the body needs for the normalisation of the body processes, and they supply all the elements that the body needs for self healing and cell regeneration, thus speeding up the act of recovery from diseases. There is no digestion needed on a juice fast as the juices are easily assimilated into the blood stream, therefore the healing and rejuvenating process of autolysis is not disrupted in any way.

It is the imbalance of the minerals in the body that causes a reduction of oxygenation and this in turn causes premature ageing and disease. Juices contain generous amounts of minerals which restore the biochemical and minerals balances in the cells and tissues. Raw juices also contain a factor which stimulates the micro-electric tension in the body, which is the factor responsible for the cells absorbing nutrients from the blood and excreting the waste materials.


It is advisable to inform your GP before you start on a juice fast. Print this off and let your doctor have a copy so that the doctor can supervise the fast or at least have knowledge of it.

Start the fast by eating only raw fruits and vegetables for two or three days. This will be a short cleansing diet. This diet is to be one meal a day of fresh fruits and another of fresh vegetables preferably in salad form. The fresher the better!

You must start your fasting with a cleansing of the bowels, so the first thing to do upon rising on the first day and every day of the fast; this is after the cleansing diet is to take some sort of enema, such as Fynnon’s Salts, Glauber’s Salts, Ex Lax or Senna Pods (best acquired by prescription). Take the Glauber’s or Fynnon’s Salts in warm water as prescribed on the packageing. These are not very tasty, so it is advisable to have a glass of fruit juice to swallow down after you have taken the salts. Glauber’s will cause a repetition of formidable evacuations, but will do the trick and cleanse your bowels daily. Castor Oil can be used, but this is not as efficient as the Salts. If you do not feel that you are capable of doing a complete purge of your system then take Ex Lax.


After the Enema:

Give yourself a dry brush massage followed by a hot and cold shower.

About 9.00 AM:

Warm not hot cup of herb tea. Herb teas are plentiful in your local health shop.

About 11.00 AM:

Dilute a glass of freshly made fruit juice with 50% water.

Between 11 and 1.00 PM:

Take some exercise such as a brisk walk in the fresh air. If this is not possible try to sunbathe, but always take the danger factor into consideration when doing so.

1.00 PM:

Undiluted glass of freshly made vegetable juice, or if preferred a cup of fresh vegetable broth.

Between 1.30 and 4.00 PM:

If it is possible take a nap or just lie down to rest.

4.00 PM:

A relaxing cup of herb tea.

Between 4.15 and 7.00 PM:

Try to have a brisk walk the same as at 11.00 AM.

About 7.00 PM:

Dilute a glass of freshly made fruit or vegetable juice with 50% water.

About 9.00 PM:

Take a cup of warm vegetable broth.

If you are thirsty in between these times and need to drink water, make it mineral water. The total amount of juice, water or broths should only be up to one and a half quarts. This should amount to approximately six to eight glasses. But never worry if you are thirsty drink mineral water.

As I have already stated, it is advisable to let your doctor know that you are going to go on a fast so that it can be supervised. Most doctors now are well initiated into the fasting methods, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Print this document out and give a copy to your GP. With a doctor’s supervision you can fast comfortably for up to thirty days at a time. Without this supervision I would not advise that you fast for more than a week to ten days at a time. When you have finished the fast you should then go onto my health diet for a few weeks before going any more fasts.

If you do go it alone without the supervision of your doctor, you do so…


As I strongly urge you to seek medical supervision before doing so. For when you take on a fast, you should be well informed as to the details and be thoroughly assured that it is not only safe, but has the benefits of aiding the healing processes of the body.


Success or failure with your fast depends entirely on how you break out of it. The finish to a fast is the most significant phase. All the beneficial sides to the fast could be ruined by incorrectly breaking the fast.

I heard it said one time that ‘Any fool can fast, but it takes a wise man to come out of it properly and then eat properly after it’.

I am sorry but I really can’t remember who said it, but it is so, so true and I have encouraged the proper management of both fasting and breaking out of a fast ever since I can remember.

The Rules of Breaking a Fast

  • Chew everything thoroughly (really well)
  • No over-eating
  • The health diet must be started in a gradual manner.

First Day after Fast:  Breakfast should consist of a glass of fruit juice. Elevenses should consist of half an apple. Lunch – bowl of freshly made vegetable soup. Mid afternoon partake of a glass of vegetable juice. Evening meal should be vegetable broth and around 9 PM another glass of fruit or vegetable juice.

Second Day after:      Start the morning with some prunes in their own juice, for elevenses one whole an apple. For lunch have a small bowl of fresh fruit or vegetable salad. Mid afternoon have another apple. Without using any salt, make your self a small bowl of fresh vegetable soup for your evening meal.

Third Day after:         Identical menu to second day, only this time for breakfast you can have a yogurt with a small handful of freshly ground nuts mixed in (hazel, walnut etc). For lunch you can increase the size of the vegetable salad and add a baked potato with positively no butter or salt. With the evening meal of soup you can add a round of bread with a thin spread of butter and thin slice of cheese.

Fourth Day after:       Using my health diet you can start eating normally. If you have fasted for more than ten days, then I advise the days breaking away from the fast should be extended using the fourth day’s menu for an extra day for every four days you fasted after the tenth day. i.e if you fasted for fourteen days you have a five day bread menu, for eighteen days a six day break menu etc.,

In order to receive the full benefits of fasting it is of paramount importance that the diet you go onto after finishing the fast should be one consisting of natural foods. This diet will aid the healing processes that the fasting has started. It will also enhance the regenerative forces in the body and stimulate it with the necessary elements for the rejuvenative cleansing and not forgetting the way it enhances the healing processes which were also initiated by the fast.

I can’t emphasise enough that when you start to break the fast it is so very important that you don’t gorge and that you definitely mustn’t OVER-EAT!


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