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First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated Dennis Rocke © 2022



The pain is horrendous it feels like someone is inside your head using your brain as a set of drums. So if you are a sufferer, you are not on your own, there are about 50 million Americans and 10 million British people that have the same sort of musician inside their heads.

Doctor’s only see patients that are chronic migraine sufferers, there are a lot of sufferers that only think their headaches are of the tension variety. Migraine is a wicked syndrome and the only word I can think of for the poor people that suffer them is to say they are victims. I name them this as they not only suffer from headaches, but can also be subject to sensitivity to noise and light. The slightest noise can be excruciating, noises such as the mere clicking of your fingers or clapping applause from just one person.

Women suffer from this more than men, in fact it is probably at a ratio of 75/25. This said it migraine is not at all discriminative towards the sex of the sufferer, the severity of the pain with some migraines is so extreme that a numbness in the limbs, vomiting and nausea and hallucinations can be caused.

Never fret, the sub-heading at the top of the page should be making you feel a lot better, THE PAIN MAY END HERE!

Migraines can be treated with vitamins and mineral supplements. It is thought by many doctors that migraines can be caused by an imbalance of calcium and magnesium in the body. About 60% of headaches are caused by this imbalance and not as the previous statement would suggest all of them.

You will notice below that I recommend only 2 supplements for the treatment. I must give this WARNING HERE! These are very high doses and I must IMPRESS on you that they should only be taken with the PERMISSION OF YOUR DOCTOR!

So before starting the treatment discuss it with him/her. Also if the patient has either heart or kidney problems, the magnesium supplement should WITHOUT ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER only be taken under STRICT SUPERVISION OF THE PATIENT’S NORMAL FAMILY DOCTOR!

Diabetes removes magnesium from the body when urinating as there is a high blood sugar loss at this time and as a result they suffer with a magnesium deficiency so causing a migraine attack.

Stress is another cause of magnesium deficiency. It is the migraine sufferers that have magnesium loss that will find instant relief from taking the 2 supplements named below. You may think that my claim is quite miraculous, but I can practically guarantee that between 80 and 90% of the patient treated will be extremely grateful that you have instigated this procedure.

My guess is that if the patient was to take a larger than normal magnesium supplement (not the amount I suggest below for treating a migraine attack) on a daily basis even when they are not suffering any migraine, they would stave off the attacks.

Even if you take the magnesium supplements, if your calcium level is out of sync then the migraine can still occur. The reason for this is that calcium and magnesium interact with each other. What happens is that when there are higher than normal levels of calcium in the system, the body excretes what it doesn’t want and at the same time because of the interaction between calcium and magnesium, the magnesium is excreted as well, which in turn can cause a deficiency in magnesium causing another migraine attack.

Put in a simple term, let’s suppose that the body has just enough magnesium to allay any migraine attacks, but there is too much calcium. From what I just explained, the body will excrete the extra unwanted calcium and take the much needed magnesium with it, causing a deficiency in magnesium. In fact it is the people with elevated calcium and low magnesium that get the best results from magnesium supplements. On a daily basis, the majority of us humans only take in about 75% of magnesium that we should from our food.

This is the reason for the 2 supplements, it is to make sure that there is enough magnesium in the body no matter how much calcium is excreted.

Magnesium is removed from your system in lots of ways, from the chemicals in medications given for asthma to just 2 cups of coffee with caffeine, diuretics and cardiovascular medication.

As said above this isn’t helped by the fact that most of us don’t get the recommended daily dose of magnesium out of our food.

  • ALCOHOL!!!!! – this dilates blood vessels in the head and lo and behold cause a headache (surprise, surprise) the harder the type of liquor the worse the headache. Scotch and other hard liquors contain impurities and chemicals known as congeners which is the cause of our suffering – notice I say OUR! This is one of my vices 😊
  • Aspartame – although this artificial sweetener has not shown to have a direct link with headaches in medical studies, there are a lot of migraine sufferers that swear it is the cause of their distress. My opinion here is that I don’t think it causes headaches, but if you feel that it is one of the causes of your headaches, it is best to err on the side of abstaining and don’t use this particular sweetener.
  • Caffeine – This can act as a vasoconstrictor limiting the flow of blood vessels in the head. A little is not a problem and can help a headache, but a lot, now that’s a different story.
  • Chocolate – this contains a chemical similar to tyramine called phenyl ethylamine and can cause your migraines.
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG) – found in flavour enhancers that some restaurants use in foods such as luncheon meats, soups and dressings for salad etc. MSG even in small doses can cause a severe bout of headache in those that are prone to headaches. What happens is the MSG acts as a vasodilator which opens and closes blood vessels in the head – Precisely what happens brings on a migraine attack.
  • Nitrites – This has a common use in making salami, hot-dogs and cured meats such as bacon. This substance has been known to cause an attack of migraine.
  • Tyramine – I would say the amount of migraine sufferers that claim this amino acid is the cause of their suffering as they have a sensitivity to it. It is actually found in cheeses of the older stronger type, canned figs, chicken livers, pickled herrings and fresh baked goods that are made using yeast, such as, lima beans, lentils, navy beans. Also peanuts, sunflower seeds, Italian beans, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. If you suffer from migraines and eat some of these items, try eliminating from your diet just to see if it helps.
 Daily Supplements (Recommended)
Magnesium Gluconate  

3,000 mgs (1,000 mg 3 times a day)



400 mg



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