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Nature Gets You Well



First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated Dennis Rocke © 2022

Nature’s own way to get you well

So in a nutshell, disease as we think of it is actually the body’s self defence effort to restore the natural health. Therefore you shouldn’t look at disease in a negative fashion which should be fought, suppressed and cured with any available means, it should be looked at in a positive manner in that is is a constructive measure taken on by the body’s healing forces in order to restore optimum health.

I know this may be unbelievable, but the body needs disease in order for it to get well again. Disease should be thought of as a health restoring process and when the body becomes ill, it will help it to restore it back to health and fitness. This means we shouldn’t be trying to cure disease, but we should concentrate on curing the sick body to restore health with the help of the disease. Disease is nothing more than the body using nature’s own way to get you well.

DISEASE – the basic treatments

it is a well known fact that most conditions of ill health have the same underlying causes that are systemic in origin. therefore the treatment of all disease should be the same.

Therefore the first thing that has to be done is eliminate all the underlying causes of disease including the health-destroying properties that make the body ill, these include, mental, physical and nutritional stress and other types of bodily abuses. Once these causes have been eliminated the patient should go on a short juice diet (a cleansing juice fast) so that the body can throw off accumulated wastes and toxins. The patient should take on a special health and vitality restoring program with stress put on optimum nutrition, certain vitamins, supplements, juices, herb teas and other biological treatments, i.e. massage, hydrotherapy, treatments involving manipulation and exercise.

All this will help the body to use its healing powers to restore the body to health. Each case is different and advice should be sought as to what the treatment should be. It needs to be adjusted to the individual needs of the condition the patient is suffering from.


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