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First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated © Dennis Rocke 2022



By picking this book up in the first place you have answered the above question. Yes, you want to be really healthy. The word healthy means different things to different people, almost every day someone utters the word healthy but the word is not that easy to define. It is much easier to render precise meaning to the word unhealthy than it is to explain what is being healthy. To most people, it would be simple to say that they feel healthy when they have a feeling of well being, or that they feel good, energetic and calm inside.

It is possible for a person to feel perfectly healthy even when suffering from aches and pains of age. Doubtless this will be the case but for an aged person to be on top form simply take the aches and pains away, even from persons in their eighties. There is no reason whatsoever as long as a person follows a strict health conscious life they should not enjoy a pain free existence. It does of course happen that a person that seems in perfect health suddenly has a heart attack. One anecdote of such a happening is when a celebrated ambassador for running and jogging one day died of a sudden coronary. Heart attacks do not suddenly come like a bolt out of the blue. Our ambassador was probably guilty of eating a bad diet, even though he exercised regularly.

Diseases like Heart Disease and Cancer normally take years to form in the body and even though a person may be full of life and looking fit, that person’s lifestyle could betray him/her. In order to be sure that we help our bodies become disease free, we must not only exercise but also eat the proper diet. The majority of the human race from whatever countries they originate, neglect their diet and therefore are at the same time neglecting their health.

This book tries to help focus the readers mind on the do’s and don’ts of diet, nutrition and way of living.


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