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Prime Consideration



First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated Dennis Rocke © 2022

The prime consideration

Peace of mind and relaxation

The body has many influences that interfere with the normal and successful application of its biological and nutritional therapies, i.e. the person could be living in a toxic environment, emotional stress, worries, digestive problems, poor assimilation etc., Nutritional and medicinal factors can be greatly impaired if a person is suffering from stress or anxiety especially if it is acute. As long as these sort of problems persist it will be very difficult for the person to get up to optimum health, in fact it won’t happen at any time whilst these problem disturbances are in existence.

Therefore the body needs and has a prime consideration that it is given help to rid itself of all stresses, anxieties and worries. It must be given total relaxation and peace of mind. For the biological and nutritional therapies to work, this is imperative.

It is also essential that the person receiving this therapy should understand why and how the biological medicine and nutritional therapies work. The patient should also have complete confidence and faith that it will work and bring the body back into a healthy condition. The patient should be educated in all the laws of disease and health and how to prevent the disease occurring.

Total Approach

Helping the body to use its own healing ability is the goal of Biological Medicine. So when considering which program you should go on to bring about the changes in your body and turning the corner back towards absolute health, the only way is to take the Total Approach.

It is not a good idea to just take this or that vitamin or supplement, herb or specific treatment, but rather an attack that is combined doing battle on all fronts, surrounding the diseases from all sides. Take a look at the persons eating habits, background and the way the person lives. After this thorough study it may be possible to find out the underlying causes to the problem. Once found the persons own healing and health restoring processes can be assisted with all the available harmless but effective therapies simultaneously. These therapies should consist of an optimum diet of specific herbs, juices, minerals and vitamins etc., which are known to be most effective for this specific condition. The fastest recovery is brought about using the Total Approach!

For each condition the suggested food supplements and vitamins should be listed in their order of importance. Mind you this said the vitamins ignored could in their own way be of equal importance. Specifics should be adhered to as any of the vitamins that are not listed as important would be costly to use if not really needed. Dosages of these vitamins are given, but the dosage specified is for adults and children over 12 years of age, if you are treating younger children it is best to get your doctor’s opinion. The dosages given have been derived from research done of nutritionally orientated doctors or what nutritionists have prescribed to their patients.

It is imperative that all of the following should be taken into account before treatment should begin. You must know all the following concerning the patient:

  • The amount of toxicity in the patient’s environment
  • The body’s ability to assimilate nutrients
  • The mineral content of the water supply
  • The nutritional stature of the patient
  • The patient’s age
  • The patient’s condition
  • The patient’s needs
  • Whether the patient is under any emotional stress

It is from these that the correct dosage of vitamins and supplements etc is found.


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