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Protecting Yourself



First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated © Dennis Rocke 2022



I’m sure you don’t need telling that you need to protect yourself and your family from all the pollution that is in our atmosphere. Not only that but we need to protect ourselves against other things such as:

  • Cadmium
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • DDT
  • Drugs and their toxicity
  • Environment on the whole
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • Nitrites and Nitrates
  • Ozone and Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Radioactive Iodine
  • Strontium 90
  • X-Rays

When I was first involved with WELLNESS over 25 years ago, I couldn’t put forward any of my findings without someone shouting me down as being an alarmist or that I was some sort of crackpot preaching rubbish.

Now it is common knowledge that the poisons I was preaching about are a fact. There has been a gradual build up of the diseases and disease producing poisons in the air, water, food and to make things worse these pollutions have reached CRITICAL POINT!

Scientist are only re-iterating the things I was saying 25 years ago, only this time they are actually saying that there is not much time left, in fact some are saying that man has already succeeded in poisoning and practically completely destroying his own planet, soil and the water – to the point of no return. The prognosis according to these high powered individuals is that through all this damaging chemical toxicity man faces mass extinction in the very near future. I agree with this unless something very drastic is done….. and done with extreme speed.

This is absolute truth, the destruction IS reversible if the governments of the world were to work in unison, the destruction could be overturned and brought back to the way things were. The seriousness of the times are to say the least demanding that they enact a huge and immediate turnaround in the way they are thinking and acting.

Presidents, Prime ministers and all the other leaders in the world are uttering things like “We must clean up our environment – or we will perish!” But even though these people are responsible for all of us citizens of the world and should take swift action, nothing decisive or of any value has been done or will be done for years to come. So be prepared for things to get worse, much worse before any signs of recovery and things getting better. It won’t be until there are mass tragedies when millions of people start dropping dead that any sort of effective measures will be taken.

The real powers that be are the financial and industrial big cats, this includes the chemical-medical-drug-food processing-oil and other such giant interests. PROFITS, PROFITS AND MORE PROFITS is the only thing they think of. Let’s face it, Governments listen to these fat cats and this being the case, the huge corporations are not going to allow the governments to do anything about our plight when by doing the right thing, their PROFITS are going to be HURT!

Americans and UK citizens alike are becoming sicker and sicker through these poisons in the air, water, food and soil. Again this sort of thing doesn’t bother the fat cats, because in the chemical-drug-medical and of course hospital industries the policy is the more SICKNESS the more PROFIT!

Governments are run on the taxes that come from these large industries as well as the smaller. So even thought they are supposed to be in office to protect us the public against these sort of toxic dangers, they are subservient to the fat cats and are in a way controlled by them and their interests.

This means that in order to gain the protection that you richly deserve against these ever-increasing deadly poisons in our environment, in the atmosphere that you breath in, in the water you are drinking and food you are eating, you are going to have to PROTECT YOURSELF!

What can you do?

Over the past 25 years I have researched everything regarding this question and have come up with the results that you can employ.

By using certain vitamins and minerals and other food substances you will be able to minimize the risks, you may even be able to completely prevent some of the poisons in the air, water, food and soil affecting you completely by regular usage. This is because some vitamins and minerals neutralise and counteract the effect of certain toxins. Some foods can help with the growth of friendly bacteria in your intestines helping to neutralise and de-toxify some toxicity in the food. There are some vitamins and minerals that builds up your body’s resistance and therefore its tolerance to damaging toxins. Other vitamins and minerals aid in the body’s excretion of the toxins and poisons though the waste disposal systems of the body including through the skin.

I have tried to cover all the important poisons within this book.


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