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Stomach Disorders



First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated © Dennis Rocke 2022

Stomach Disorders

Indigestion and flatulence are the two digestive disorders we cover in this chapter, but it is possible to treat other disorders of the same nature in the same manner. Overeating is the main cause of any disorder of the digestive tract, that and eating the wrong foods. Other common reasons are eating too fast and not chewing and salivating the food properly before swallowing. Swallowing the food too soon means that the rest of the digestive system has to do too much, digestion should always start in the mouth. In older persons there is a deficiency of gastric digestive juices, causing a poor digestion and putrefying of foods eaten, consequently causing indigestion and flatulence, particularly of proteins and carbohydrates. Older people can usually rectify this deficiency of digestive juices by taking daily, 1 or 2 tablets of hydrochloric acid and a few (as directed) dolomite tablets with each meal. Consume plenty of lactic acid foods, such as, sauerkraut, soured milks, lactic acid vegetables, etc.


Digestion is easier if you eat protein foods before carbohydrates, or together, but never the reverse. You must always eat a protein meal before a salad, with it is all right, otherwise eat the salad after the protein. Even with this advice, the best way of eating to avoid indigestion is to eat each individual item as a meal. Consider a vegetable, fruit, wholegrain food, or any other food as a meal in itself, i.e. 6 or 7 small meals is better than 3 large meals. Accept that an apple is a meal, wait until this is in the process of digestion before eating anything else.


The health diet

Daily Supplements (Recommended)
Vitamin B1  



Vitamin B3 – (Niacin)  

100 mg


Vitamin B6  

50 mg


Vitamin B-Complex (high potency)  

As directed


Vitamin F  

2 Tablespoons cold pressed vegetable oil or 5 capsules



3 capsules



3 capsules, garlic salt or as much fresh garlic as you want.


Magnesium (Dolomite or magnesium chloride)  

Take as prescribed by the manufacturer.



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