Tips to start a fitness life and get in shape

We know: changing habits is not easy. However, if you are reading this, it is because you may be interested in introducing new routines in your life aimed at physical well-being and a healthy mind. And that is already a big step! For some time now, the term fitness populates articles on the Internet and it is common to hear this word in different conversations about health or physical exercise, but do you really know what it is? Well, it is nothing more than a state of well-being that can be achieved through exercise and a balanced and healthy diet. If we manage to lead a fitness lifestyle, everything else will be sucked. But how can we do it? We give you a series of tips to live the fitness life:

The difficult thing is not to start, it is to maintain it!

That’s how it is. Although right now you feel lazy just thinking about changing your life, the most complicated thing about changes is not starting to carry them out, but maintaining them over time. To make life fitness a habit you must have constancy and perseverance. To begin with, only conviction and motivation. You got it? Well, get going.

Step by Step

Most people fail to achieve their goals due to expectations. If we set ourselves too high or fast achievements, it is likely that we will not be able to accept them, we will get frustrated and end up abandoning our purpose. So that this does not happen, think that Rome was not built in a day and that we cannot go from never exercising to going to the gym every day or following a super-strict diet if we have not previously acquired healthy eating habits, for example. The best thing is to set realistic short or medium term goals and incorporate small changes in our day to day. The rest will come.

Lists can be your allies

There are people who find it very helpful to write a gratitude notebook every morning, others write a diary when night falls to always remember how lucky they are… In case we want to start a fitness life, lists are going to be our best friends , since with them we can analyze our lifestyle and also the one that is to come. Specifically, writing down the goals we want to achieve in a list will make us not deviate from our purpose, and so every day you can fill in those achievements you have met. On the contrary, it can also help you to write a list with those things that you have left to do or that you need to improve and cross them off as you go along… A formula works for each one of us, but definitely writing down our goals, achievements or bad habits will make the message is reinforced.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you

It is known by all that the environment plays a very important role on us. Thus, if you are trying to start a fitness life, supporting yourself with those who love you most is vital. Sharing your achievements and frustrations with them will help you achieve your purpose and, in fact, if you can start this transition to fitness life with one of them, much better!

don’t compare yourself

Of course, if you have started a diet or a certain exercise routine with someone around you, it is best not to compare yourself. That will only lead you to obsess and become frustrated in the event that you have not achieved what you think they have achieved. Everyone has their own goals and what for one is a small step, for another it can be a great effort. Focus on you and your goals.

In the variety is the spice

Regarding food, you can help a dietitian, nutritionist or endocrinologist to assess your situation and prepare a menu suitable to your needs. If you prefer to do it on your own, on the Internet you can find many different recipes full of healthy foods so you don’t get bored. You already know that fruits and vegetables are essential, a source of vitamins and fiber for your body.

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