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Tooth Decay



First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated © Dennis Rocke 2022

Tooth Decay

This is the gradual disintegration of the enamel (protective covering of the tooth) and dentine (the substance beneath the enamel). This decay is caused primarily by plaque. Plaque initially attacks the places where food particles become easily lodged such as on the grinding surfaces of the back teeth. The back teeth have minuscule grooves in them. Other places easily attacked are the side edges of teeth that are close together and near the gum line. Fluoride in the water seems to have been effective in the decline of approximately 40-50% of tooth decay in the past 10-15 years among children.

In order to try to avoid tooth decay never use toothpaste, as all toothpaste’s have a detergent added and detergents are harmful to both teeth and gums. Instead use a soft bristle brush and water slightly softened with a fine salt powder. Brush teeth after every meal. Whenever teeth- are brushed it is also advisable to brush the top of the tongue, especially if it is coated as with smokers’ tongues.

Bad breath is not a worry as is explained under the heading Halitosis earlier in the book. Toothpaste does not prevent bad breath. Your gums need looking after as well as your teeth and a good idea to keep gums healthy is to puncture a vitamin E capsule and using your finger massage the E into your gums. Do this in the morning and in the evening.

Pregnant mothers should try to cater for their unborn babies’ teeth even before they are formed. By this I mean that they should take precautions by ensuring that they have a very nutritional diet. Vital nutrients for unborn babies are:

·         Calcium

·         Minerals

·         Phosphorus

·         Trace elements

After the birth the mother should breast feed the baby for as long as possible. When the baby given milk to drink other than for food, goat’s milk is preferable to cow’s and should be preferred up until the child’s adolescence. The best milk food is by far soured milk as in yoghurt


The health diet with emphasis on:

  • Millet as sesame seeds are extremely rich in calcium
  • Sesame seeds
  • Vegetable juices
  • All sweets
  • Only drink fruit juices sparingly and even then, dilute it with water
  • Refined foods
  • White flour products
  • White sugar
Daily Supplements (Recommended)
Vitamin A  

25,000 iu


Vitamin B6  

100 mg

Vitamin C  

1,000 mg daily


Betaine Hydrochloride  

As directed


Bone Meal  

Adults 6 tablets, children 2 tablets



500 mg


Multi-Vitamin-Mineral formula  

As directed



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