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Vitamin and Supplement Guide



First Draft © Dennis Rocke & Dr J. M. Mungavin 1983

Updated Dennis Rocke © 2022

Types of Vitamins and supplements required

If it is at all possible only natural vitamins and supplements should be used, made from natural sources. Synthetically made should be avoided where possible. this is tremendously important when it comes to the B vitamins. There are exceptions to this rule when massive doses of something has to be given particularly Vitamins C and B. This said they should always be given in combination with natural vitamins and vitamin rich supplements. An example would be brewer’s yeast combined with Vitamin B or Ascorbic acid combined with fruit juices and herb or hip teas.

How Long should therapy last?

When massive doses of vitamins are suggested for certain conditions, the therapy should not last for more that one or two months. If it is necessary to do the therapy again, it should only be repeated after an interval of another one or two months. This warning is given with regard to massive doses of the vitamins A, D and the synthetic type of B-complex.

Using Herbs

There are herbs listed that have therapeutic value for most conditions. Herbs have been used in ancient to modern times and have been proven to possess specific healing qualities and have medicinal properties used in different ailments bringing about good health. The best manner to use herbs is in the form of teas or what are professionally referred to as infusions. You can obtain herbs from any good health shop.

The Crisis of Healing

Many Biological Doctors have given general observations, including their own findings regarding their experiences with nutritional and Biological therapies. Almost every one of them have talked about the rapid and what they regard striking improvements in the condition of their patients when undergoing this sort of therapy.

However during the cleansing and fasting diet, it is not uncommon, in fact quite often there are apparent changes for the worst, this is particularly true in patients that have accumulated massive amounts of toxic wastes in the tissues and cells of their body. It is in such cases as these that the sufferer will seem to get worse before getting better. The reason for this is simple, during the fasting, cleansing diet of raw fruit and vegetable juices huge amounts of the accumulated toxins will be dissolved and the debris of which thrown into the blood stream for elimination.

The kidneys, liver, lungs and skin which are our eliminative organs, will be working harder than ever, in fact they will be going into overload getting rid of these unwanted toxins and wastes. The body at this time will be going into the crisis of healing or ‘Healing Crisis’ and will show itself in a temporary worsening of the condition. During this crisis the body will show signs of these unpleasant symptoms through catarrhal phlegm, eruptions of the skin foul breath and possibly fever etc., With conditions such as arthritis, such a rapid type of cleansing can activate the joints to have increased pain and a noticeable worsening of the condition before getting better.

Fortunately this healing crisis is short lived and is only very temporary. The sufferer soon experiences improvements as the body cleanses itself of all the poisons getting stronger as the healing process continues. In extreme cases of toxicity such as arthritis and gout, repeated shorter periods of fasting should be initiated, periods of three or four days, no longer. These shorter fasts will prevent the sufferer having to go through the healing crisis because the toxic elimination is slowed down, but still efficiently carried out.


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