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Getting Viral Traffic Hack 6 Promoting Products & Services

The Niche!

People ask me what niche to I suggest they promote?

I am going to tell you just one time, because this question drives me crazy.

Please don’t ask me what’s a good niche, or what’s a good city, whatever it is you want to know about what to promote. The answer to your question is this…

Number One: Do they have a product or service?

If the answer is yes

Number Two: Do they sell that product or service to a human being?

If the answer is yes

Good, we’ll target them, awesome. I don’t care what it is that they sell, I don’t care what they do, if they’re in Hawaii, if they’re in New York, if they’re in Los Angeles, if they’re in Florida, doesn’t matter what it is, how much the product costs it doesn’t matter.

Do they sell a product or service? Yes

Do they sell it to someone who is alive? Yes

Then you’re good to go, knock it out of the park and go after them.

Gurus will tell you, you have to go after plumber, you have to go after roofers. Roofers are the one!

This is stupid, ignore them it doesn’t make any difference who it is that you target, . If someone sells a product or service to another person, they are the ones you want to go after.

I say person, because you are not ready to go after business to business, YET!

Later on when we discuss ‘In The Future’ in a later post, Business to Business will be an option. Right now I want to stick to Business to Consumer type companies.

It matters not what they sell so forget about what are the best niches or places thing!


Next we have to find our proof.

These two topics can be switched around, sometimes I will look for my topic first and then go after the proof and other times I will look for the proof before the niche.

Remember what I said above. Niche is something you can put a list of products or services on a dartboard and throw darts to pick which one we will work on first.

I will go into how to find the proof in a later post…


Next we send and email with the proof in a white paper (PDF) to our targeted audience that we pick from The Niche we have chosen to target.

Wow, isn’t this hard so far lol. You are going to be gobsmacked when I get to how to do everything I talk about in this post. This post is an overview of what you will be learning. So take note of eveything we cover here.

I will be going into detail on all topics in future posts, so keep coming back and you will surely become successful as a consultancy expert in All Commercial Fields!


After the sending of emails, normally we will get replies from some that have opened our email and read our white paper showing proof. that


We then send another email to those that replied and Close The Deal!

This is a numbers game so we send out thousands of emails to all the plumbers, roofers, lawyers in Florida, then the same to the businesses in Los Angeles,  Nevade etc, etc.,

Out of 5 thousand emails, maybe 500 reply and we have an automatic reply sent out to those who replied telling them the next thing they will need to do in order to work with us.

This second email reply we send should either generate a phone call or purchase right inside the email.


Then you provide the services you offer.

But your are not really going to provide it, I will be showing you how you can run this businees hands off employing others to do all the work for you.

I will be teaching you how to do all this through automation. The hard work will be setting it all up, once it is set up it will be a successful Consulting Company that you only have to supervise…



      1. Target the audience.
      2. Get the proof.
      3. Send White Paper with the proof.
      4. Get replies.
      5. Close the deal.
      6. Provide the service
The first time you ask for money is the hardest! After that it becomes one of the easiest things to do!
All this will be explained to you, how to get proof etc., in future posts on here, so don’t miss them!
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