Hack Number 10 Banking Clicks

Banking Clicks

These are a series of Hacks on how to get more…
Emails opened and get more clicks.
I will be teaching you using aweber autoresponder and so if…
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This is going to be a little bit complicated to explain, so bear with me with this.

What it boils down to is banking clicks with you…

You will need to contact someone like John Thornhill and ask him if he has an overflow of clicks he needs to have banked.

He will ask you who you are, what you tell him is the truth.

Say, I am nobody at the moment, but I intend to be somebody in the near future.

If he sends you something like 50 clicks to start with, you will return by sending him 60 or 70 when you can. Always overdeliver.

When you swap with someone for 50 clicks always send back as many as you can quickly. So, for 50 clicks don’t worry, send back 70, 80 or 90.

As I said overdeliver and hope your new partner will send back more.

I mentioned John Thornhill above as he is my mentor, but he didn’t teach me this banking clicks idea, I can’t remember when I started it.

So, look for big marketers, and when you have a good few clicks, ask them to swap with you.

I sometimes offer an overflow on the like of skype asking if anyone would like to bank some clicks. You should get replies, but not guaranteed.

The deal you offer is really a partnership you send them clicks and, in a day, or two they should be sending them back.

At the beginning, I actually did a google advert asking if anyone wanted to bank their overflows of clicks with me. It was quite successful, but then I decided to contact the other marketers, that was more successul.

Once you reach 100, you can really contact some big marketers and tell them you will send them 100 for 120 back. So, your offering a 20% increase for every time you send clicks out.

It won’t be long before you are in the 10,000 clicks a day bracket.

You can then tell people you’re a click banker and want to swap with people.

Ask if anyone wants to bank with you…

As I said this is hard to explain, and I hope it is not too confusing…

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