Hack Number 9 Segmenting Your Lists

Segmenting Your Lists

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Before joining John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success, I used to think differently about emailing subscribers.

Gurus were saying start relationships with your subscribers, I thought that was silly, relationships with people I don’t know, how? So I didn’t build relationships.

I didn’t try to brand myself at all.

I used to be sort of abrupt, I would mail a lot offering a free product. Lot isn’t the word for it, I would mail the hell out of it, right?

The problem with that is people used to reply saying hey, stop emailing me so much!

Not knowing how to be cool, I’d reply to every single one saying that the answer for that was, either buy or unsubscribe. I used to think, cheek, they get my free product then don’t expect me to email them anymore.

How stupid can one man be… I soon learned!

What I have learned since is that we as marketers must form relationships with our subscribers, and segment our lists into buyers and non buyers. Also never put all buyers together in one segment.

If someone purchased something in the internet marketing niche, the buyers don’t go into a segment relating to a different niche.

So I have many different buyer segments for the different niches. I will only offer internet marketing stuff to buyers that are in the internet marketing segment.

I send everything to non buying subscribers, as they haven’t as yet decided what niche they are interested in.

The more you segment your buyers, the better off you are and keep your lists clean and in the correct genres.

I sometimes send out surveys and the people that answer the surveys go into a segment for survey successes. I get a lot of information from answers I get in the surveys, it is sometimes the source for my best profiting products or affiliate offers.

Believe it or not, I love complainers, when they complain, it  gives me the opportunity to sell to them.

The best results I’ve had from emailing all my subscribers in every niche are when I send out an email sending them to a short survey about a super duper email list I want to start and it’s only going to three quesions, when click on  the answers you are interested in most, you will be sent to an opt-in page. Once you have opted in, you’ll be removed from all my lists except that one and only receive content on that specific thing.

When you do this sort of thing, your subscribers are helping you sort them out into the niche that they are most interested in.

Everyone has different opinions.

I never take anyone off my buyer list in a certain niche, but if they show an interest in another niche I will add them to that one as well.

The same for my webinar list, they never get removed from there.

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