Hack Number 8 You Up? You Awake?

You Up? You Awake?

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Where do I get my subject lines from?

Sometimes when I am standing at the checkout in my local supermarket with my wife, I listen to what other people are talking about and you wouldn’t believe how many times I have had inspiration from something someone else is talking about.

When I hear something I really think would be a great subject line or even content for an email, I send myself an email there and then, so that I won’t forget it.

Doing this has worked really well for me, try it, you’ll be surprised at how well it works.

I often work late and sometimes a subscriber will email me with a subject line: “Yo, you up?” Or “You awake?” Or both “You up, you awake?”

I thought when I first got that, what a great subject line.

So, I used it, and it really worked. What I did was used the subject line…

Hi [[Firstname]], You up? You awake?

And then the content went on as if I was really working late and wanted to talk to him/her, you must try to make it like a real conversation.

Read some of the emails you have received from you friends or family, the way the conversation flows, this is how you want your email to flow when you are doing this conversation style email to your subscribers.

It is important that if your aiming your emails at USA you schedule your email to go out late, say 11pm in Eastern and 11pm western. It goes to say that if you are aiming at UK then schedule it for 11pm Greenwich Mean Time.

You can only use this conversation type subject now and again.

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