Getting Viral Traffic Hack 5 Headlines

25 Headline Examples

These are all taken from ideas involving viral traffic seeking.

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The headlines I have put on here have been tweaked and tweaked from their beginnings, not one of them started as they are now. I have split tested them all time and time again until I thought them perfect.

Tweaked in ways such as…

  • Headline shortening
  • Content reduction or additions
  • Kept making them more niche orientated

One thing I must impress on you, headlines of all your posts and pages need to be hard hitting, specific and definitely short. This goes for your emails too.

You have only a couple of seconds to grab a visitor’s attention, so follow the above rules at all times.

The headlines you will see on here have been tweaked and honed to get the best results and from the content of the emails/posts, I have used the hook from email and placed the hook as the headline.

It is for this reason that headlines are so important. I actually do the content of my article first, I write it one day, put it to one side and then re-read it a couple of days later, and only when I feel it is perfect, will I search in my article/content for what is the HOOK of my work.

Once I have the hook then I make as short as possible a headline that will grab the attention of visitors.

So here goes here are the headlines…
  1. 267 carcinogenic toxins toddlers are exposed too!
  2. World’s most unreliable cars
  3. How your dog will die…
  4. The 1341 species in your garden
  5. What small businesses look like in Africa…
  6. Save $116,764.43 on world’s most extravagant watches
  7. World’s cheapest vs. most expensive [LAPTOP BENCHTEST!]
  8. Beefburger grease challenge: Walmart vs. Whole Foods
  9. Knock-off perfume sniff test (can you tell the difference?)
  10. Cat survival: Pedigree vs. Mongrels
  11. $2678/yr. on evolutionary-lame designer dogs
  12. Blackberry = Facebook, Porn & Solitaire
  13. Why high roll gamblers have small penises
  14. Dead African Children vs. Miley Cyrus’ Wardrobe
  15. Designer Water vs. Tap Water (health test)
  16. 20 Ways Cable Companies Screw You!
  17. 100 Examples Sprint & AT&T Don’t Care
  18. 2487% Markup on Jimmy Choo Shoes
  19. Evil Bank Loan Mind Rape
  20. Bestbuy’s Disgusting Tech Jargon Tricks
  21. Obama Forces Destructive Bankers to Pay Back Bonuses
  22. Mexico Files Bankruptcy Over U.S. Marijuana Embargo
  23. New Skis Work on Tarmac
  24. Obama Seduces Sarah Palin
  25. Video Game Box Tells Truth
Feel free to use these for your own viral, or to modify them slightly to fit your own particular topics.

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Feel free to comment below and let us know which of these hacks has been your favourite.

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