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Traffic Finding Hack 4


You must extend your network by joining social sites and becoming an active member. One way to find these sites is to Google for them.

You need to become active within an inner circle of social marketers, so the first keywords I would Google is “inner circle social marketers (your niche)” without the quotes.

Here is my first attempt at finding them using the above google search for internet marketing niche

When you find the right circle, you will be amongst some of the best influencers you can find. When you get involved and become one of them and they trust you, they can share content with you and help with making it viral.

The more people you connect with, the more that will share content when you ask for it.

Don’t abuse this and be selective as to whom you think will be the most helpful to your progress within the groups.

A good way is to share your content on the like of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram. Then give your inner circle friends links to your shared content and ask them to vote, what I mean by vote is share your stuff on the social media sites.

Some people have made it a full time job to make profits by becoming what I call a media slave and sharing content on all the media sites. They will do it on other people’s behalf and on promoting their own sites.

Yes, a full time employment sharing awesome content on sites like Digg, FB, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit etc, etc.,

Find these people and if your content is awesome, they will share it around the different social medias.

Some will do it freely because, it makes them look good to their followers and some sites like Reddit and reward their users with more influence sending the content viral.

These influencers that will share hope that you will return the favour, which will in turn help their content going viral.

This is not an easy job, finding your first social marketing contact will be the hardest.

What is good about becoming a member of an inner circle is the fact that many of your new friends can open doors for you or introduce other members to you.

Give up 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to chat with them, ask questions, maybe ask them who else they know, or tell them others you know and will share.

Ask if they want to exchange contacts, even from different inner circles you may be a part of.

Chat with them on messenger, msn etc.,

Delve into how they link build, what websites they have or run, promote etc.,

Then keep a note of their answers, so that when you next talk you can ask how their site is going?

I don’t mean you have to spend hours chatting, just 5 or 10 minutes a day

I met someone on and he introduced me to one person, who then introduced me to others. From that one person I made, I think 50 or so more contacts over the months.

What you are doing by making these contacts is penetrating small cliques and each person you meet can get your foot into another door of a new clique.

The more cliques you can become part of will eventually get you in with powerful influencers that will help with your marketing.

Don’t ever think that what you are doing is just social, because when you surround yourself with other people working in your industry, the business opportunities will become boundless and even get you hired as an expert in your marketing niche.

I have talked to some that have gone on to become a guest speaker at events.

So, whatever you don’t do, make sure you NETWORK!

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