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Finding Viral Traffic

Before you start reading any of my viral traffic getting ideas,  my solicitor has advised that I put this disclaimer here… The advice in this lesson is not legal advice and you may wish to consult a lawyer and original content owner before publishing other people’s content.

Your endgame for these lessons will be list building and link building

To do this you will need to select the Niche You Will Be Working In.

So, if you are not a terrific copywriter, the first thing on our agenda will be to find content, not just any old content, but awesome content.

There are multitudes of people out there that have content that they would love for you to take and make it viral and in doing so YOU will receive all the traffic and Google Rankings.

At the beginning of the Internet, the aim was for military and political uses, but it has now grown into something that is used mainly for sharing information.

This is why it will be quite simple for you to find other individuals that have embraced the idea of sharing and will be happy for you to put their content on your site and do it without charge!

What you are looking for is content that has not been over-exposed and is at the same time an incredible piece of work.

You may find the content fantastic, but poorly put together, bad formatting, not exciting enough, useless headline but, has perfect image content?

I will be teaching you how to format it for going viral when it is published on your site. When done, you will receive all the traffic and that beautiful ranking juice, wow, I haven’t used that word for description for a long time. Juice!

So, ideally you should be looking for content that is free for you to use and once on your site, too exciting or interesting for your visitors to leave without getting the whole story.

Not only must your source writer give you permission to use it, but you should also get the permission to edit it as you see fit.

All the content you use must be 100% relevant to the niche you are working in.

And it goes to say, that the information you use must be of high quality, unique and totally absorbing!

I can hear you tutting and thinking ‘Behave, how am I going to find someone who will give me this dream content, take it, then put it on my site and profit from it?’

Well, you can find these people all over the internet, I said above that the internet is now used for sharing information and some people share their information with no restrictions on how you use it.

Google has encouraged people to share and have given them the desire to do it freely making it far easier to find and share.

For a lot of people, the ultimate goal is to get their work read, and it matters not where they read it, as long as it is read.

When you put it on your site, they feel that it has now been published and in addition, it is getting exposure. If I can, I put links to their website so that they can profit from visitors to my site that click on their link.

That way they benefit from giving their work for me to use and turn viral.

Really, I think that because of people’s desire to be read, creative commons first come onto the scene. So, I think now would be a good time to talk about Creative Commons!

I will do that on the next post, see you there…

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