Getting Viral Traffic Hack 3 FOMO

Hack 3 FOMO

The amount of money you will make in this game, is how deeply you understand your market’s pain and its problem that needs solving.

Whenever you buy something, anything, it starts out as an emotion.

People don’t buy products or services, they buy stories.

For whatever reason it is something that you like and want. It could be a new car, or a new suit or anything else.

The initial feeling is I want, after want logic comes onto the scene.

Logic starts to tell you that you don’t need the thing that you want, then the desire in you starts to kick in giving your brain all the reasons why you should have it.

This logic over-rides the real logic and eventually the wanting actually becomes needing. And you have found many reasons why it will be better to have this than to not have it.

There is a pervasive apprehension known as FOMO which means…


It is the FOMO that comes into play when your customer changes from wanting to needing and when this happens the credit card will come out and the person will purchase your offer.

The brain finds whatever reason it can to make the purchase the thing to do.

When it comes to prospects, what I always recommend is that when you find them you start inviting them to your squeeze page. This is a free way that works for me and all you have to pay is your time.

Once you have found them you can start advertising where they hang out. This is an extra bonus you will have for a strategy you will learn as we go along.

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